Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dollar Tree Wreath

So believe it or not my new Christmas wreath was pretty much all purchased from the Dollar Tree. I had bought a wreath at the Dollar Tree about a month ago, thinking I will make a new wreath this year and finally got around to it this week!

 I was so happy to walk in the Dollar Tree and find "YARN" yes, the Dollar Tree now sells yarn!!! From the Dollar Tree I bought the 4 different colored spools of yarn, 2 sets of glitter ornaments, and the joy ornaments. From home I used hot glue gun, some yarn, and old ornaments I had from last year.

This wreath is not your typical wreath but now a days they are all pretty much different and there are some really cool ones out there! I had seen one that I wanted to kind of imitate and so that was my inspiration.

1. I already had some charcoal gray yarn and so with that I wrapped the wreath so that it was completely covered.
2. Next I started wrapping the ornaments with yarn, first I hot glued one end of the yarn and then wrapped it til it was completely covered, once it was all covered I hot glued the end of the yarn.
(I found that using ornaments that have some kind of texture like glitter on it made it easier to wrap the yarn around it.
3. Also I had some ornaments from last year that were a lil bigger that I used for the brown yarn.
4. Once all the ornaments were covered I glued them to the wreath.

I even had yarn left over that I decided to change up my ornaments from last year and cover them with yarn.

 Instead of buying new Christams decorations I have been deteremined to make all of them or spend very little money. Along with my new yarn ornaments I made paper bird ornaments.

What you need:
Brown Paper bag
Newspaper/Old book pages
twine, hemp cord, string

I cut the bag so it was flat and then traced a bird using the inside of the bag where there was no writing or image. Cut the bird out using it as my template and then traced it again on the newspaper.

Then glue the newspaper outline onto the paper bag. Cut some hemp cord for the legs as well as the string and that was it. Also to add some dimension I cut a wing for the bird out of newspaper and only clued one end of it so it was 3D.

That's it for this week, we had to decorate before Thanksgiving because we are going to our parents and won't be home. I'm a traditions girl but I didn't want to stress trying to get our decorations up when we got back since I knew we would be busy, so I had to sacrifice!