Sunday, June 26, 2011

homemade clutches

Clutch: verb (used with object) to grip or hold tightly

Brown Clutch

Loving these clutch purses, sadly I have had a few of these beauties for awhile and just haven't pulled them out....What was I thinking???

This weeks project: Clutch Purse

I have this old jean vest that I bought a long time ago at a thrift store and have never worn it, I'm holding onto it because:
a) I will find something to wear it with
b) I will make something out of it
c) I'm a secret jk i'm not

B) Yes lets make something!

I really wanted to use the pockets some how so I thought the top part of this vest would be great for the front of the clutch.

Then I just started cutting away, the fabric is a little tougher to cut cuz of the jean material.

I buttoned the vest, turned it inside  out and sewed the sides and the bottom. The top of it I sewed each side so there were no frayed ends and then just added a zipper.

Total Cost of this Project: $1.88
Vest: HOH (had on hand can't remember how much I paid at the thrift store)
Zipper: $1.88 from Walmart
Sewing Machine & Thread: HOH

Even though this didn't take me long I did break my needle for the first time!!! I was really shocked but of course sewing some tough fabric it was a possibility it could happen. Oh well, I had back up needles!

Check out these cute Clutches that others have made!
Tie Clutch from Etsy
So cute, have to try this!!!

Love this color!!!

There are so many adorable clutches out there, or you can just customize and make your own!!


  1. Awesome! Funny I just talked about clutches in my thursday latelies, and being a hoarder. haha. too fun. I love the denim vest but it also makes a cute clutch, sigh if we could only have both :o)

  2. Adorable and very creative! I like the one made from ties too!!

  3. I love clutches. I love that you made yours out of denim. I have a homemade year linky party going on and I would love for you to link this up.

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic


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