Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am going on 10 weeks and whether or not you can tell I definitely can! The first few weeks I was experiencing cramping almost every night when I went to bed until about a week ago. The last couple weeks I have been having morning sickness, extreme allergies, and now today the bump is taking shape! Honestly I haven't felt that great, not trying to be negative, just honest but lately I started missing the days before I was pregnant and all the energy I had. It's hard to be excited when you feel this way and I know it's normal. Which is why a good wake up call is always necessary in times like these! So, this last Sunday at church our pastor talked about "Declaration" and declaring the positive over our life, marriage, family, kids, and so forth. So I am declaring a lot of great things over this pregnancy and my life and being thankful for it! So far my allergies have let up thank you Jesus! I am so thankful for today's fashion trends that allow me to cover up this lil pudge I'm developing (well obviously it's a baby but right now it just looks like chub), if the 80s or 90s fashion was still here I would be in trouble and embarrassed! Also, if I can't have as much energy right now then I declare rest!

I saw this the other day and thought it fit with my lifestyle right now!

I think I take more naps now then ever in my life!

It starts out innocent me just sitting in the chair and then all of a sudden I'm out but aren't my slippers cute! My mother-in-law got me these for Christmas, they are Simply Vera Wang, I love them!!!
Next week we go to the Dr. and I can't wait! They couldn't get us in til then but it just seems like forever and I'm anxious to see how this lil baby the size of a prune is doing! Until then, I'll just keep looking at cute baby things to get me more excited!

I leave you with this, if your feeling blue to really ask yourself "What am I speaking over my life, my friends, my family, is it good or bad am I declaring blessings or curses?"

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretzels, Bagels, and Smoothies

I would like to dedicate the first half of this post to my amazing, award winning, husband..... 
drum roll please..... 
Seriously I am so blessed to have him, I don't know what I would do without him! Not only is he up to date on the all the pregnancy expectations and factoids, but he has now earned the name of "Mr. Google," if I'm curious about our lil green olive or something he just looks it up in a flash. And because I have been having really bad allergies, he took charge and did some serious spring cleaning (folks,we are talking fan blades, vacuuming the couches, sweeping & mopping) He is incredible!!! Also, my tummy has not wanted  anything to eat the last 2 weeks, I thought I was indecisive about food before but now I really almost don't want to eat sometimes cuz I don't know what will settle well. So, Lance has not only been patient with me but he has put up with my 3 main, reoccurring food courses:

1. Soft Pretzels from: Barnes & Noble (yes, they sell pretzels!)Jamba Juice or the Mall

2. Bagels (preferably asiago cheese)

3.  Smoothies from: (Jamba Juice, Keva Juice, or homemade)

And believe it or not I'm not sick of any of these foods yet lol. Also, you would think with all these carbs, I would be packing on the lbs but unfortunately I have lost 6lbs this last month (I'm sure that is all about to change or so I have read) 
Although my appetite hasn't changed much, my sleep definitely has! This past weekend was crazy, one morning I felt so tired I could not lift my head from the pillow and kept battling with my flesh that I need the sleep cuz in months to come I won't get it, so naturally, I WON and told my flesh to take a break! That's what's going on with me and my lil green olive this week, still praying these allergies would go away, but  they just haven't seem to let up one bit!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Only Just Begun

Well I'm sad to say that the minute after I blogged my last post I was immediately attacked! Friends it was not a good weekend for me! 
It all started on  Friday afternoon, it was such a beautiful day outside we are talking 70 degrees, we had an afternoon planned outside with our Masters Students for some athletic games. Well since I have stopped taking my allergy medicine, what decides to flare up....MY ALLERGIES! UGH it was so annoying, kid you not I must have been sneezing every 3 seconds! I finally decided to take a benadryl, thinking this will definitely work...Nope it didn't help but make me a lil drowsy and not even enough to make me fall completely asleep.  Not only that but I sneezed so much I think I bruised my rib cage or my lungs, not sure which one, so that left me in pain on Saturday. Then totally exhausted on Saturday the "morning sickness" decides to grace me with her presence :) and  literally feeling like poop I could not function at all... So I did absolutely nothing but lay in bed all day! Well to add to all that my husband was not feeling that great either and come to find out he too is dealing with some morning sickness...No really I laughed when I heard that but I guess some men can experience some of the same symptoms as  pregnant women. They call it Couvade Syndrome also means "Sympathetic Pregnancy" they experience mood swings, food cravings, weight gain and some other symptoms...not really sure how I thought it was insane and maybe it was just a coincidence but it was funny either way. I mean my husband took at least 3 naps ...he never takes naps and then our dinner not only made me sick but him as well. So maybe this Couvade Syndrome does exist? Well that was my weekend not very eventful but physically draining for me and my husband :)
I am Praying and hoping for a much better week and it really has started out better, last night a friend gave me some of her anti nausea medicine she took when she was pregnant and it worked so good I had no worries of seeing my dinner in the toilet! Thank you Jesus!  Continuing to look on the bright side this lil raspberry inside me is growing more every day and I know it will be worth it, at least that's what I'm telling myself everytime I feel sick!

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Official!

Where to begin.... We are having a baby!!! I'm so excited!!! 
It's like the minute you find out your pregnant everything changes, especially your mindset! Lance and I have always wanted kids and Lance would have wanted me to pop out the kids the minute I said "I Do" but we weren't ready and honestly I don't know if I am right now, I mean I don't know if you ever really are for something this big. The last few years have been AMAZING with Lance, he is my best friend and we have so much fun living life together. We love going to the movies, late night snack runs, slumber parties in the living room, vacations, and sometimes just being kids ourselves! So as all these emotions began to hit me, the first thing I thought was "I'm gonna miss those times" but my husband reassured me he's still here, he's not going anywhere lol and it's gonna be that much more fun with our family!
I'm a lil scared, nervous, and anxious but I think that's normal and before I would have let these fears get in the way because I had such a great mom and wasn't sure I could live up to that. But now I realize she is my inspiration and I'm glad I could know and have had such a wonderful mom! Really, life is too short and I don't want to miss out on such a wonderful purpose! So the journey begins....
I found out right before Christmas and Lance and I wanted to surprise our families. So, since we went to visit my family in California, we made a video for Lance's family to play on Christmas and surprised them. How we told my family is I bought Lance a gift that he could open in front of my family. They were took them a few seconds to catch on.

I haven't seen my official OBGYN yet but if we go by my first visit to the Dr I saw for the pregnancy test I am going on 8 weeks. It's been interesting thus far, I have definitely experienced my first morning sickness and I have learned that riding in cars makes me sick whether I go 2 hours or 10 min. No food cravings yet, really any kind of bread sounds good to my tummy at this point! I have been a lil sleepy at times but other than that it's been pretty good, hopefully it stays this way!