Friday, July 8, 2011

Muffin Tin Organizer

Yay project time!!! It's been way too long!!! This week I'm in organizing mode!!!!

Some inspirations
Muffin Tin(more ideas here to use muffin tins)

Isn't that a neat idea, wished I would have come up with it. Well it definitely inspired me and I thought it was perfect for my organizing frenzy.

This is great if you have an old muffin tin that you don't use or you can do what I did and go to a thrift store and pick one up for less than $2.

Run it through the dishwasher, get some spray paint, and TA DA... a brand new "Organizer"

I used my muffin tin in my bathroom, I thought it would be really needed there:


Kind of embarrassing but yes, this is my bathroom drawer


I love it, everything is so neat and tidy...and yes it will stay that way too!!

Well one mess down...on to more organizing....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

what i wore wednesday

I'm back, last week was my first wiww with Lindsey from the thepleatedpoppy. I love getting inspired to try new looks and this is a great place to check out what other gals are wearing, so hop over there!
 It was a lil awkward taking pics but I guess you get over it, it really does help you see what goes and what not to
I don't consider myself vain or the least bit shallow, actually I used to be really insecure in my looks....don't feel sorry for me, it's something I had to go through to find my worth and confidence...and I DID in God! He created me and made me just the way I am!!

This was a fun and busy week and I loved it, so here we go:

Bachelorette Party!!!
I haven't been to one in awhile so it was fun to get out and hang with the girls. We went to dinner at Taco Diner(it was delicious, I tend to stick with enchiladas and I'm so glad I did!) Then we went to a friends house for sundaes and games

Button down-F21, jungle skirt-Victorias Secret, Belt-stole from another dress, hair-spin pin, clutch-thrifted

Date Night with my Hubby
I love date night we usually make date night a weekly event, but with work schedules and busyness we just haven't found the time...shame on us! It's my favorite thing, I'm a quality time person!! We went to Cheesecake factory and shared the "Thai Lettuce Wraps" so good!!! Then we saw "Larry Crowne," I liked it. I like Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks so I thought it was cute!
Maxi Dress- TJ Maxx, Beaded Scarf- homemade 

At church we have been doing this series called "The Blessed Life" life-changing, really its so good and today just sealed it all! I wore my blue dress for pre-Freedom day

dress-ross?, shoes-target, ring-

 Independance Day!!!

Okay so I didn't exactly get all my Freedom colors in for the 4th of July, but it was represented in Spirit! We had some friends over for a BBQ and games

Yellow tank-American Eagle, white crops-American Eagle $12, Red necklace-homemade

40's jk but with my headscarf that's kinda what i felt like

Green Shirt-F21, Cutoffs-Gap, shoes-Toms, Headscarf- homemade
Happy Wednesday!!!