Sunday, August 18, 2013

camp bowden

what's a party without tattoos

Camp Bowden has come and gone just like this last year! I can't believe he's gonna be 1 tomorrow! So many emotions! We had a little birthday party tonight for him and  it was very special because we also dedicated him! Not your traditional baby dedication I know but we are not your average, normal people, we like to do things different! Bowden's grandpa also a pastor dedicated  him in our backyard and I loved it. Bowden is so close to my heart but I have learned He is not "mine" he is God's first and as easy as that sounds sometimes I'll admit, it's hard because I worry about him (I think it's harder for moms, naturally)

Since he was born I felt time slipping by so fast and a lot of life lessons began to hit me hard. I have learned to cherish every single day, there hasn't been a night this last year that I didn't go in his room to check on him "one more time."
I have learned to be more grateful, I'm so grateful that we had a healthy baby boy this year and I pray that he continues to stay healthy this next year as well.

This has truly been the best life changing experience ever and I'm so blessed to be his mom, God redeemed August 19th, 2012 for me, what once use to be a sad day in remembrance, is now a celebration of a new life! Happy Birthday Bowdie bear, I love you!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hello August, I can't believe summer is almost over! We have been traveling quite a bit the last month and a half, visiting family in Lubbock, California, and a director's summit in Alabama but it's good to be home!  Time is literally flying by!

Grampy Sofu and Bowden gettin in the water

Let's see what's new, well we had a really bad food allergy scare in California. We are beginning to do more table foods (mostly to beef up this kid, doctor's orders) and up to this point I have been pretty cautious on new foods I give Bowden, he has done so good, fruits I'm allergic to, he loves so I was really hoping he was taking after his dad, who doesn't have  any food allergies. Unfortunately my side of the family has a history of food allergies.
I gave Bowden a lil piece of honey dew melon to try and he took one bite and instantly his face and hand began to swell, get red, and since we had never see anything so fast I rushed to get him some benadryl (so glad we had it on hand) and then he began to break out in hives, poor thing was scratching his face, neck, and hand like crazy! So we rushed him to the ER. Normally in a situation like that I would have lost it, and I almost did, thankfully my husband knows me well enough he was already on it on calming me down. Instead of freaking out, I did what anyone would do ....PRAY....PRAY HARD!!! Thank you God for answered prayers!!!
The Dr. said it was good we gave him benadryl, cuz they would have given it to him anyways and that anytime you try new foods you should have it on hand in case something like that happens. We just saw his pediatrician this last week and they can't do food allergy test until they are 18 months so in the meantime we are sticking to a bland diet, and no melons of any kind!
I think that pretty much started off the craziness of our summer along with that we have some transitions we are going through right now, so things are kind of hectic but we are excited for the future and where God is taking us. I have learned over the last few years that God doesn't just have a one goal, one plan dream for me but he has different seasons and to remove any pressures the world has placed on me to "finally arrive and achieve my purpose" but I do have a purpose, to love people wherever I am and in whatever I'm doing! I don't know where I will be in 5 or 10 years but I know I will still be serving the same God who has been with me my whole life and I'm perfectly okay with that!

Right now life is moving fast and I'm just trying to enjoy every day, I love the baby talk I hear in the back seat, I will gladly listen to that over the radio any day, I love that my son gives me kisses with his tongue sticking out, it might sound gross but I think it's funny, and I love that this month we will celebrating his 1st bday!!
Happy August!!!