Sunday, February 2, 2014

What is parenting?

I'm not really sure if this post has any point to it besides me just sharing my thoughts but I thought well that's why I did create this lil space to begin with. 
So here it goes....As Bowden gets closer to 18 months, I have been thinking a lot about how this parenting thing is pretty easy; we got Bowden on a pretty good schedule, sometimes he tells us when its Night Night time, I can pretty much guess when he's gonna poop (maybe you didn't want to know that) we know what he really loves to do; like go on walks, play outside with Linus, and build blocks. That sounds good right, like we are doing an okay job. It's getting so good, we are like we should have more kids, we know what to expect now. Bring it on!!


Are we NAIVE (probably) but I never thought much about what parenting entails.
When we first talked about having kids, I concerned myself a lot with learning about babies and how to take care of them and sure Lance and I talked about how our kids are not gonna get spoiled and they will only get a couple presents at Christmas (ya that one didn't stick), and we would occasionally talk about discipline; how we got spanked or our mouths washed out with soap and we turned out great,so our kids will get disciplined. But to be honest Discipline....I don't like it, not sure how to do it, not even sure if it works. 
And here we are at 18 months.... Just to give you a glimpse

Bowden enjoying personal time eating a snack and watching Mickey

Then he flipped the switch, it was kinda funny cuz I wanted to take a picture of him smiling at me, and then he didn't like that.

Had to add this one, he was so upset, the blurriness is him throwing his head back n forth, notice he finally got Linus' attention

It's been like this non stop the whole week, we even had an all sprawled out on the floor in Jamba Juice moment, luckily there was only one other lady there and the two employees who were teenagers, probably thought it was entertaining. However, I'm embarrassed because you feel like you can't console him or like you even know your child. I wish I had a picture of that one but like I said I was embarrassed and that would just look wrong taking a pic of my son while he is sobbing his guts out on the fruit stained floor.

So lately, I have been getting great advice from other moms, researching a lot on parenting styles and everyone does it so different according to their child's personality and the behavior. There are some really good articles I pinned on Pinterest, not to throw my beliefs on other moms but just to share in case your curious what's out there. Here are some: 

Some days, I would worry so much if it was a tantrum and how to stop it, instead of really going to the root of it. This last week Bowden hadn't been feeling good, he ran a fever for 3 days and hasn't had a big appetite. Then one day, he seems to be doing pretty good, eating fine, sleeping good, and all of the sudden throws the biggest fit. I didn't think to put the last few days with this tantrum because he seemed to be fine and thought he is just throwing a fit. When really he could still not be feeling well. It's only been a week, he could still not be feeling well and I shouldn't assume the worse, especially in a toddler.
I have those fears, "Will my kid be spoiled?" "Will he be rebellious?"  "What if he throws a tantrum in a public place?" oh wait... he did that last one already lol. 
After getting great advice,  we are gonna try some things out, if they work, great if not, it's not the end of the world, I'm learning to not stress about the lil things, love more, be more compassionate,  and be patient (that's always a hard one) you can't go wrong with those!
In the end, I love my son, I think he likes me okay, he is not out to get me, even though it might feel like it, and he is learning to talk and communicate and so am I.
So what is parenting? 
Parenting is hard on the sick and fussy days when your not sure if they are teething, gassy, or tired but easy on the days they take good naps, eat all their meals, and give you some time while they entertain themselves with toys. Parenting is frustrating when you know they want something but can't seem to solve their puzzle but it is also so rewarding when they squeeze your neck, give you kisses, and run up from behind to give you "leg hugs."Parenting is one of the greatest joys I have experienced and such a blessing that I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."