Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Latelies

Hey guys its Thursday Latelies, we are linking up with Bex from bexastylediary, to share the things that have been bringing us joy! So jump in!!!

$6.29? I think at Target

Summer Flip Flop Exchange!

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

what i wore wednesday

today i'm linking up with lindsey from thepleatedpoppy for What I Wore Wednesday, my first time! She has a cute blog and I always read them, look at the different styles, and get inspired with so many great looks and it really does challenge you to go the extra mile with your what you wear!  So i thought i would join in this week. So here we go:

Loving the stripes!
striped shirt-Marshalls, cutt off skinnys-Gap, mustard sandals-steve madden, fedora-american eagle, watch-clearance/Target

There was a storm last week and it broke one of the lights outside, that's why there is shattered glass by my feet! I will get around to cleaning it up... I promise!

This was a Lazy day
yellow shirt- F21, Striped trousers-gap, toms shoes

One of my fav colors to wear: Mustard yellow
Mustard dress- Target, beaded necklace-homemade

My thrifted outfit
Red trousers- Thrifted, Plum shirt-F21, Necklace-Thrifted, flats- ?, clutch- homemade

Something about white that makes you feel so summery (don't think thats a word)
White jeans-$4 Ross, Sandlas-Jamaica, Scarf-marshalls, green tank-Target

well that was fun and interesting its kind of awkard taking pictures of yourself but now that I'm looking at how I style myself it kind of helps me out lol...(ok so im trying to make myself feel better about taking pics of myself but really it does help)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

homemade clutches

Clutch: verb (used with object) to grip or hold tightly

Brown Clutch

Loving these clutch purses, sadly I have had a few of these beauties for awhile and just haven't pulled them out....What was I thinking???

This weeks project: Clutch Purse

I have this old jean vest that I bought a long time ago at a thrift store and have never worn it, I'm holding onto it because:
a) I will find something to wear it with
b) I will make something out of it
c) I'm a secret jk i'm not

B) Yes lets make something!

I really wanted to use the pockets some how so I thought the top part of this vest would be great for the front of the clutch.

Then I just started cutting away, the fabric is a little tougher to cut cuz of the jean material.

I buttoned the vest, turned it inside  out and sewed the sides and the bottom. The top of it I sewed each side so there were no frayed ends and then just added a zipper.

Total Cost of this Project: $1.88
Vest: HOH (had on hand can't remember how much I paid at the thrift store)
Zipper: $1.88 from Walmart
Sewing Machine & Thread: HOH

Even though this didn't take me long I did break my needle for the first time!!! I was really shocked but of course sewing some tough fabric it was a possibility it could happen. Oh well, I had back up needles!

Check out these cute Clutches that others have made!
Tie Clutch from Etsy
So cute, have to try this!!!

Love this color!!!

There are so many adorable clutches out there, or you can just customize and make your own!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Coco

Ok so I have seen her around but we didn't officially become accquaintances til last year when M & Ms came out with their coconut flavor and since then we are like best friends!
I just wanted to share how our journey started:

First introduced: Last year 2010 at a gas station

Second Meeting: April 2011 the grocery store looking for a new creamer

May 2011
Mocha Coconut Frapps from Starbucks mmmm can I just say that the week they did "Happy Hour" I made an appearance 3 times!!! (Oh and I don't drink frapps, normally)
June 2011
A gift from my mother-in-law from Bath & Body Works, it smells so good!!!

I'm a little obsessed with it, its like one product after another.

Last Week
Coconut Cake Balls (Yes that name sounds funny to me too, even more awkward when u say it lol)

So I was going to make coconut cupcakes and then I got an idea to switch it up and make Coconut Cake Balls They are delicious!!!

Here's the recipe if your a coconut fanatic like me

1 box of Coconut Cake mix (I used Duncan Hines Coconut Supreme)
1 tub of cream cheese frosting
1 package of Almond Bark Chocolate Coating
1 Package of Angel flake coconut (sweetened)
Wax Paper

1. Make the cake like normal...let it cool...then break it up with your hands

2. Mix in the cream cheese frosting, I added a 1/4 cup of the coconut into you can add however much you prefer....mold into small balls using a spoon
3. Place on wax paper on a cookie sheet and refridgerate for a couple hours
4. Melt the chocolate in a microwave bowl (I microwave half of the brick at a time)
5. On a cookie sheet with wax paper sprinkle some coconut all over it.
6. Dip the balls into the chocolate place on coconut covered wax paper and also sprinkle more coconut on top
7. Refridgerate again til hardened.
8. Enjoy!!!

You might wonder is it a season, a fad, a  summer trend that will die.....Ladies and Gentlemen....

Meet Coco my new friend!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Boyfriend Shirts

Hey guys today is Friday and we are blog hopping over to blondeepisodes with Kori just to share our fashion friday trend! Check out her blog its fun with of course the latest fashion trends!
Something I'm loving this week are these boyfriend shirts! I'm all about comfort and low maintainence this summer and these are perfect! They are so comfortable, lil masculine but cute at the same time!! Best part about these, if your like me and don't want to spend a lot of money just go on over to your local thrift store and pick one up for a buck or two!

Dress it down
or Dress it up

jcrew boyfriend shirt
SALE $29.99



Thrift Store
My kind of deal!

This is a frugal summer for me but it doesn't mean I can't have fun! Be sure to check out the other fun trends that Kori has at blondeepisodes

P.S I have the best boyfriend his name is Lance and we have been married for 2 years 7 months and 2 days, love you Babe!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Latelies

Hey guys I'm back again this week for Thursday Latelies with Bex! bexastylediary

 Here to share some things that have made my week a lil extra special! Please be sure to check out all the amazing gals that have linked up this week!!


1. Project: Anthropologie look a-like Scarf


2. Luigis Real Italian Ice

3. Gap Shorts


4. Friends

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pallets...Get Your Pallets!!!

Hey Guys its Furniture Friday over at missmustardseed go over there and get inspired! For me this week its Wood Pallets!!!
 You see them behind grocery stores, side of the road, in the dumpster but Who would have thought that these could actually come in handy some day. I'm loving what people are coming up with for these pallets. Such an inexpensive way for so many creative ideas!!!

Wood Pallet Headboard

Seeing all these great ideas for headboard and daybeds, I took it on! I have been wanting some outdoor furniture so I thought this was perfect for it.

I used four pallets for the base of my chair/lounge

Next my wonderful husband added a pallet to the back, he trimmed it a little and nailed it using two normal pieces of wood to support it.

 Because some of the pallets were a birch color I had to stain them.

Body Pillow $9.99 (Target)

For the cushion I didn't want to spend $40 for one small cushion, So i bought 2 body pillows and sewed a twin sheet around them and they fit perfectly and its really comfy!!

5 Wood Pallets
2 Body Pillows
1 Twin Sheet
Wood Stain
Total Cost: $30.00
 (Accent Pillows not included )

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My First Thursday Latelies

Hey Guys, today I'm linking up with bex, bexastylediary for her "Thursday Latelies" where she
has encouraged women to share things that have been bringing them JOY through out the week. I love it i think it's a great idea and have been watching them and I love getting inspired to try new things and also joy is contagious so its fun hearing other people talk about it!

Sorry if its a little shaky, and I was distracted at times cuz there were some random things happening outside lol

Projects bring me JOY

Here is the link where I got the idea for this Pallet Bed (not sure what language it's in lol)
So easy and so fun! Have a wonderful weekend and maybe start a new project its always gratifying when your done!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Headscarves

Hey guys for my project post this week I made my first video! I thought it was hilarious that the first pic of me that froze for the opening of this video is just plain ridiculous and you can totally tell I'm Asian which makes it more funny so I decided to leave it LOL, hey sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself! But this week I'm making head wraps. I have seen some cute styles and pics of this accessory and I love it. And you know me if I can make it without spending money I will!!!

Aww I'm still laughing, obviously I would rather bare the humiliation than redo this video or atleast try to edit it oh well!

Aren't these cute but yet so simple!!!

Some other ways I want to wear my hair, or at least attempt at!

That's it for today! Have an amazing week! My challenge to you, try something new with your hair, you'll be surprised at what you can do!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recycle or ReUse

Before I get into my project for this week, I must explain the reason it even came about.... Lately I have been noticing an extremely large quantity of brown paper bags in my kitchen, it would look as though I was a paper bag hoarder lol I assure you I'm not, I just never throw them away after I grocery shop and they just pile up on the side of the fridge (maybe I'm not the only one :) I know I should recycle and use the reusable bags but I only have 2 reusable bags (usually not enough for all my groceries) Since I have so many brown bags, I just keep thinking to myself, "Ok Olivia surely there is something you can use these for."  while that thought is going, I'm realizing I need gift bags for some gifts I have and I don't have any big enough. Well then it all comes together.. LIGHTBULB! ReUse the brown paper bags for gift bags!

So here I am for this week making home made gift bags...

These are really simple and the more you go all out in decorating the more it really does look like a gift bag! I made a few different ones using materials I had on hand. The items I used for the first one are:

Hot glue Gun
White scrap fabric
Hemp Cord
2 Brown Paper bags

First I cut one of the paper bags because some of the paper bags that I have, have print on both sides so I had to first cover that up by gluing pieces of the other brown paper bag. With some extra material I had I twisted up a flower and glued it to the bag. Next with some hemp cord I spelled out love and glued it down. With more material I wrapped it along the handles. Made a lil card to attach and there you go! What makes these look more like gift bags than paper bags is changing up the handles and adding a card.

This Next one I used:
Hot Glue Gun
Stick on Rhinestones
Black Marker

I colored the handles with the black marker and then stuck on the rhinestones, covered the print once again and just glued some ribbon around the bag, super easy!!

So if you are ever in need of a gift bag or you just want to get your creative juices flowing...Make your own homemade gift bag!!!