Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Mantle

My husband and I have been wanting some kind of art work for our mantle but just haven't got around to doing anything about it. Well, with Christmas coming up and the decorations coming in from the garage we thought what better time to put something up! Plus, we killed 2 birds with one stone! My love language being quality time, we spent time making this and we got our mantle piece!
I'm a sucker for pallets and since we decided not to take our pallet lounge chair with us when we moved (it was really heavy)
I thought hmmm.... we need a replacement of some sort with pallets!!!
We wanted something to represent our home, so we picked this scripture found in Psalm 42:1 and the picture of the deer gave it that rustic feel to go with our home.

 This project was so easy but time consuming (let's just say there were many re-dos): My husband ripped a part a pallet and then got two boards and screwed the pallets to the boards. I did the painting of the deer by stenciling first in pencil and then painted it. The letters I used a stencil but instead of paint I went with permanent marker.

That was our project for the month and we are quite pleased with it!