Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Fun, Tattoos, and Traditions!

This week has been a really awesome one! I got a TATTOO!!! JK well I did but it's fake, I decided to put a heart tattoo on my belly in honor of our baby for Valentines, I know sometimes I can be cheesy haha. Hey sometimes you just gotta enjoy life and do something fun even the little things matter and who doesn't love a fake tattoo, I feel so cool!

My belly looks really round in this pic for some reason, I think it's cuz I changed the lighting effect on it ;(

For Valentines my hubby took me on a date but let me rewind..... When we first starting dating we wanted to make it fun, so I planned a date and Lance planned one and on the one I planned we went and painted pottery for each other, it was a lot of fun! And ever since I have wanted to go back and do it again. So where did my hubby take me...YEP that's right we painted pottery. I was so excited, the weather was rainy which made it perfect and seeing as how I don't have much energy these days it made it that much more better for me, and we were the only ones there so it was like we had a private studio! So now comes the time to figure out what to paint, I wanted to paint Lance something and he wanted to paint me something but we also wanted to share this with our baby. I guess people would be like why are you thinking about that when it's your last Valentines together but this is our life together and we are living it now and right now we are having a baby so we wanted to make it special! We decided to paint bowls, one for Papa Bear, one for Mama Bear, and of course one for Lil bear (do you see the pattern forming.. from Goldilocks?) 

Anyways we thought it would be neat to each have our own cereal/soup/ice cream bowl. And we also started a new tradition, when we decide to add to our family we will paint them a bowl! I love traditions because they create memories and give you something to look forward too, I can't wait to add more traditions to our family in years to come!
This week I got spoiled with 2 Valentine's Dates, my hubby and I celebrated the day before and tried out a new pizza place and then on Valentines my in-laws came to town and we got to hang out with them. We went to this really nice steakhouse called the Vineyard, and it was so sweet they gave us ladies a rose when they seated us!

Well I hope you all felt just as loved as I did and do! I am in my last week of my First Trimester so I'm hoping to regain that energy that I heard comes in the 2nd Trimester!

Recap week 12
Symptoms: I am starting to grow these lil curly cue hairs around the edge of my forehead  (I guess it's from the prenatal pills) still having a lil nausea here and there :( Also, I seem to be more forgetful these days..oh well
Weight: ??? haven't weighed myself yet probably cuz I have eaten a lot of chocolate my hubby gave me!
Food Cravings: Sour candy (preferably sour patch watermelons) really candy in general! oooh and Easter has my favorite candy so excited!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Say Cheese "Baby"

I decided to post some pics and honestly I hate taking pics of myself it just feels weird but I have this pregnancy app on my phone and every day it tells me some new fact about the baby or my body and what I should be expecting and this week it said to start taking pictures of me and my belly. At first I thought, "I'm not that big and I just feel chubby." But I thought about it some more and I think it would be neat to look back and see the progression of the baby and honestly my style haha!
So here I am! Right now I'm in the "just trying to cover it stage," I think pregnant women look cute when they have big bellies but in this stage since I don't really look pregnant I just feel chubby. It's so funny how your mindset is still concerned about weight when it's like "I know I'm having a baby".

This is me trying to cover the belly pooch. (these days its flowy blouses, wraps and over sized sweaters that do the trick!)

The lighting wasn't good on this pic but I think u can see the baby better than the side pic we took.
I know it might not look like much but believe me its there! I couldn't brave doing the bare belly pics yet so I'll spare you horror. 

11 Weeks and 2 days
Weight: 106
Fatigue: Really really tired this week (having lots of dreams)
Food Cravings: Chocolate milk (I don't drink milk in general), sonic cheeseburger (I never want to eat burgers)
Morning Sickness: Little nausea here and there (my husband says I've been good this week)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Heart is at Ease

I can't tell you how many times in the last month my mind has been going crazy thinking about this new life growing inside of me! You would think after missing your period, taking a pregnancy test, going to the Dr to take another pregnancy test and showing signs like morning sickness, fatigue, food cravings, and mood swings that I would know without a doubt I was having a baby...RIGHT!? NOPE?? I guess CRAZY can be added to the list of symptoms because to tell you the truth some days I just didn't FEEL pregnant I know that sounds strange and maybe I am not the only one who experienced this. But until I could actually see this lil thing my heart just could not be at ease. Yesterday, though, that all changed we went to our first official apt, met our Dr., and finally got to see the baby. I was so nervous, I thought for sure my blood pressure was gonna be off the charts. 
There were 2 things that I have been most nervous about this apt and the first one was this:
1: The baby, obviously but I just wanted to make sure everything was still growing and working right, which it is, Thank you Lord! And the second thing was if I would be able to see it. I know that sounds funny but if you have ever watched the show "Friends" when Rachel goes to the Dr and they are doing a sonogram she tells them she can see it and then later tells Ross that she never really saw it so they show her again and she lies and says she can see it but really can't, knowing me I thought for sure I would not be able to see it. So they go to do the sonogram and lying there my Dr. is telling me where the head is and the bottom...Folks no lie I just laid there and smiled cuz I really couldn't see it. In that moment I felt like Rachel from FRIENDS! Then my Dr. decided to look at it a different way and I could finally see it! So YAY, I'm not dumb!!!

 Here is baby's 1st sonogram!

Everything looks good, we got to see the lil heart beat and my due date is AUGUST 28th! Everything is a lot more real now!! I'll post pics soon!

Recap on these last 2 weeks:
Weight: 106 (I have gained 3 lbs...)
Fatigue: 1 Daily Nap and a full nights rest
Morning Sickness: Nausea almost every day (but I haven't thrown up in the last week and a half yay!)
Allergies: Under control my Dr. said I can take my claritan PRAISE GOD!!
Food Cravings: EGG McMuffin with Ham from McDonalds(So weird I use to hate McDonalds), milkshakes, and I do eat more fruit (not sure if that's a craving or me trying to be healthy)