Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY "Toy Chest"

I have been wanting to do this project for quite some time and well...I just haven't gotten around to it and so this last weekend I decided that it was time and we went for it! The great thing about this project was that it cost just under $15 to make!

I had pinned this adorable idea on pinterest months ago. 
Aren't these cute and such a good idea...they cost around $88
However as cute as they are, they are way out of my budget....maybe in another life I could buy these and shop at anthropologie and jcrew and eat at Cheesecake factory every week. Haha okay maybe not but I decided that I would find an affordable way to replicate these and I have.
So here we go.
I found these crates at Joann's fabric store, I wanted the bigger size but our store only had the smaller size. They are originally $11.99 but in the weekly paper or online there is usually always a coupon for 40% so this crate cost me just under $7.50

The wheels and bolts I got at Home Depot

This pack of 4 cost about $5

I think the bolts were around $2

I'm not good at handwriting things so I used letter stencils I had on hand and used a sharpie to write the word "TOYS"

Next we stained it, I already had a small can but if you had to buy some you could find some for around $5. We wanted a dark stain so we let it soak for awhile.

see how small that can is... the color is "ebony"

Then we put the wheels on....well my amazing husband did! 

The finished product!

This project literally only took us a couple hours to do and was super easy! My favorite part, is that it rolls!!! How fun is that!

Now to put the toys in it!


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