Friday, April 30, 2010

Bread Pudding Gone Bad

So this week I was very anxious! I found this recipe for bread pudding that looked so delicious that I was determined to make it. Now when I try a new recipe that’s not mine or anyone’s I know I do some deep researching about it. I mean I make sure I know what all the ingredients are where to get them and if there are reviews and comments I read them. The reviews and comments for this recipe were outstanding not one negative comment, there were a few suggestions in altering the recipe but nothing major, so I thought this should be wonderful, piece of cake! The only problem I really had in collecting the ingredients was with the alcohol; yes the recipe did call for a little liquor. My husband and I do not drink so of course we didn’t have any liquor on hand so I had to buy some. Not knowing much about liquor and Texas apparently there are some laws in selling liquor in the area I live. So I had some trouble finding it went to about 4 places and finally found it, “Amaretto Liquor”, I’m thinking ok all this trouble for some liquor and I don’t even drink this better be good!
Now mind you I have had the ingredients for this recipe over a week just trying to find the right time to make it, so I have been working myself up and getting super excited! Any time you work yourself up for this hope of accomplishment and success you’re bound for a big letdown if it doesn’t turn out the way you want.
As I was making it I decided to follow one of the suggestions in the reviews that called for fewer eggs so I put 2 less eggs than it said I thought that should be fine. The preparation was going great and it was pretty easy. All the ingredients looked great; the sauce was a good consistency not too thin or too thick just right. The Bread Pudding was in the oven baking for 45 minutes, I already began feeling accomplished. Now, I think most of us like to check on our work especially if we are using the oven to make sure everything is looking okay so with about 10 minutes left I peek in and to my surprise the bread pudding was puffing up so much I did not expect but I thought maybe it does that and then releases air and goes back down….no it didn’t it just kept rising. The color looked good a little golden brown with some darker edges but something didn’t quite look right. The time was up I pulled it out and dished some in a bowl, as I was dishing it the pudding looked a little funny but I kept going I poured the sauce on top and it was ready to be eaten. I took the first bite and….. it was awful, it was eggy and just not good. I mean it wasn’t completely inedible but I definitely didn’t like it!
Letdown……. I was so bummed, really discouraged just couldn’t figure out what went wrong, I put less eggs, maybe it needed more bread I don’t know! So with all that excitement and anxiousness it’s amazing how fast it can turn the opposite direction, I was pretty quick to dump it in the trash. My husband was really sweet and said it tasted great but then why didn’t he finish the whole bowl? Yep my thoughts exactly! Anyways it’s all good, I’m ok now I’m sure I’m not the only one who has tried something new and have it not turn out I just hate feeling disappointed. So all that to say I’m pretty sure I won’t try that recipe again and will probably stay away from making bread pudding until I get the courage to jump back up on the horse!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Child-Like Confidence

Remember that question you got asked a lot when you were little maybe it was in fourth grade when you had to write a report and dress up for career day, that question that quite frankly you might even still get asked today and maybe scares you just a little.
What do you want to be when you get older?”
And if you were like me you were more confident when you were younger and said “I’m going to be an Obstetrician!” that’s what I would tell people and they would say “what’s that?”, “it’s a baby doctor one that delivers babies!” I can tell you right now that I’m not an Obstetrician and I still get asked that question only the word “older” is not in it anymore it might sound like this, “So what do you want to do with your life, or where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Sometimes when I get asked those questions I shrink back and feel this weight of doubt and insecurity. How is it that when I was 9 years old I had more confidence in my future job title and I lived at home with my parents, carpooled in a min van, packed a lunch, and had weekend slumber parties? So maybe I have grown up, I can say I am a lot more mature than when I was 9, my parents don’t have to tell me to brush my teeth or make sure I make my bed but what about that child-like confidence where’s that at? I have been struggle ling with this question for quite some time, really trying to answer it. I mean I have been doing some serious soul searching and the truth is, is that I know the answer I just never thought it was good enough or maybe the right one. Somewhere down the line of my childhood, someone engrained this theory that to make something of myself I needed a high paying, well-known job and that’s the path I’m suppose to take and stick to it. Well I didn’t take the known path and sometimes I don’t know the next turn I am going to make but I do know God made me and He made me unique so my path will look a lot different than others. So here I go ask me that question again.
What do you want to do with your life?
I want to live my life for God, to love Him with everything, to follow His word, and most of all I want to love his people! That’s what I want to do with my life, I most confident that’s what God wants and that’s all that matters. The Job Title I have now is of no significance but what I do at my job is what makes the difference. And the ruler I measure myself against is no earthly person or thing but God because He’s the only one that’s perfect and that I should want to strive to be. There we have it that’s my answer! Hey, sometimes you have to be your own encourager and most times you have to be your best motivator!!!! Live your life

Monday, April 26, 2010

Date Night

I am the biggest fan of date nights!!! When Lance and I got married I was a little worried that we would stop going on dates but he reassured me that he is going to date me for the rest of my life and since we have been married we have gone on dates every month some planned and some spontaneous. Being married you think a date night wouldn’t be any different from just having dinner and being together well it is. When Lance tells me he is going to take me on a date, I get excited and the excitement grows. I get ready makeup and hair, pick out the perfect outfit just like a date, sometimes he has to wait on me and sometimes I’m already ready cuz I’m so excited. We usually start off by going to dinner somewhere because we love food this might seem typical but guess what it’s actually my favorite part of the date. Why because during dinner we have each other’s full attention I’m not having to cook dinner and think about clean up or look at our apt and see if its messy or talk about what we have going on but we are in a different world. Time really does stop when we are on a date and our focus is nothing but each other. Then after dinner we move on to the next part of our date and it’s different every time, sometimes he gives me options, sometimes we go shopping, to the movies, a walk, coffee, ice-cream, just to name a few things we have done. 
Lance and I have a lot of things in common but one we share a lot together is our love for pizza. I guess you could say we are Pizza Connoisseurs so tonight Lance took me to a new pizza place called Fireside Pies. I would have to say this pizza was good the sauce had really good flavor but I would probably try a different kind of pizza the next time, we got pepperoni and there were layers of pepperoni, which Im not a huge fan of.

After that we went home where we tried out our fondue set that we got from our wedding as a gift. Never having used it before we were really excited to try it out. Of course things do not always go planned as perfect as you like them sometimes, when we were melting the chocolate we burnt it the first time. Who would have thought melting chocolate could be so difficult, but having the most determined and awesome husband that I have we tried it again. Not going to lie I did get a little discouraged at first but it was only cuz I was so excited to try it. Second time around Lance nailed it and it was the best fondue chocolate you could ever have. Next time we are going to try fondue cheese!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers

April Showers bring May flowers, that saying stuck with me all day and the funny thing is that it didnt even rain today. So how did this rhythmic saying latch itself to me well I think because my mom use to say it all the time when it would rain in April and today just so happens that it would be her birthday and I thought about her. Its not often I think about her probably because I know she's in Heaven with God and when it comes to God you never have to worry! So Happy Birthday mom if you were here it would have been a good one! As I was reciting April showers bring May flowers all day I was thinking about  the water coming down on the barren soil getting Spring ready for the beautiful flowers that are about to sprout and it reminded me about these little trials that have been coming my way and how sometimes there are situations in life that seem bare, empty, and sometimes ugly but thats when God comes in pours down his love, faithfulness, and grace, and something great comes out and forms into the unimaginable. Thank you God for reassuring me of your love on this beautiful April Day. Who knows it might rain tomorrow but just know something beautiful has already been planted it just needs the water to bloom
Your Love Always Perseveres

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Newly Wife

Now that we are somewhat acquainted I can begin to tell you the reason for why I am writing this blog. I have been married for 1 year 5 months, and 4 days to some that may seem like nothing and would be categorized as a "Newlywed". I am not afraid to admit that yes we are newlyweds but in this 1 year 5 months and 4 days I have learned a great deal and so here I am writing this. I hope through this blog I can share what I am learning to some of you that it might encourage you, help you, give you a smile, or maybe just something for you to read.
Growing up I have always dreamed about getting married I think most girls typically have this dream life created waiting for them when "they get older." I remember playing this game called MASH and the M stood for Mansion, A-Apartment, S-Shack, and H-House some of you know what Im talking about I would keep playing til I lived in a Mansion with JTT(Jonathan Taylor Thomas) had 2 kids, a convertible car, went on a honeymoon to Hawaii and was a doctor. That was my fantasy life which obviously did not happen exactly like that but I did marry my JTT, he's the most handsome guy I know, we dont live in a mansion but when you come from sharing a 2 bdrm apt with 5 girls anything looks good, I dont have kids yet but I do have a cat that I treat as my own kid, the car i drive is red like a convertible, the honeymoon not Hawaii but it was on the beach, and am I a but sometimes I like to diagnose my own symptoms.. we all do! I love my life and I have a lot to learn. But I think one of the things I have learned from growing up is everything may not turn out exactly as you planned it but there is always ways to look for the positive in your life.


Before I begin writing and expressing my insights to life its only fair to take a moment to introduce myself and why I have started this blog. Hello to you and whoever may be readying this. I am a woman of faith, a follower of Christ, I am a friend to anyone who needs one and will give my heart to you fully, I am an over-comer, confident and sometimes stubborn but I am also shy, vulnerable and compassionate to the weak, I am completely flawed and do not pretend otherwise. I am only human but I try my best everyday to better than yesterday. You can never know someone fully until you have spent time with them so I welcome you on this journey with me