Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hello Father's Day

 Last month was a busy one for our family, we had our Masters Commission graduation which is a whole week of fun filled events, the week after that we close out everything from the year, and then last week we took a mini vaca to visit family in Lubbock. So here we are JUNE and it's Father's Day!! Let's just say this father's day was not anything I expected or planned for.
Months prior to this day I had been thinking on what to do or give Lance for Father's Day. I know he likes golfing, football, basketball, fishing, he wants a new grill, the typical "man stuff" so I thought about all those, and I know he likes surprises. When it came down to it, he wanted a new phone and with our budget and planning for future vacations we both knew he couldn't have it all.. So he said he wanted the phone for his gift. I thought, "okay but I'm still going to get something else as a surprise." Well in our family Lance is the creative, techy, computer media guy. He can make flyers, design websites, invitations, actually he can do anything! So I thought, "why don't I try to show him I really care by making him something on the computer." You might see where this is going...
Well I think I have this  idea, to make a poster that has a bunch of words that describe him with a picture on it that I want to turn into a canvas, I have no idea what I' m doing and start googleling how to do photo shop stuff. I think it looks pretty good and have it printed online and shipped to our house. It came in a few days early which made me super excited,  only to find out that it doesn't look good, honestly it looked horrible! I guess there was some kind of error and it was suppose to print black and white and has green squiggly was bad! I'm so embarrassed I couldn't dare put a pic up. So, I tell Lance (which ruined my surprise) and he was like "why didn't you tell me I could have helped you with it" um cuz  I wanted to try and surprise you and do it myself! Anyways, we end up re-doing it and he helps me. We had it printed locally so I could go pick it up and it still wasn't right! The guy was so nice and helpful, he really wanted to make it work for me but I had to come back and give him more time. I tell you this lil gift has turned into quite the ordeal.
This is the finished product

After all that, I still wanted to get him something for a surprise and since I wasted money on my first photo canvas I knew it couldn't be much. Lance had been talking about a case for his new phone, so my brilliant idea " I should get him one!" I bought one online as soon as he said it, the one he wanted too, then later, I come home to find him looking up cases to buy on his computer, Ughhh.....can you believe it!? 
I had to spoil my 2nd surprise and tell him I got him one so he didn't buy another one! Seriously this guy! I wished it ended right there but unfortunately things got a lil dramatic around here...I started crying...I know that's too much, I really don't even know why, I have to blame it on the mom hormones because before I had Bowden I wouldn't cry over something like this.

All that to say, I ran out of surprises and money lol. I know he doesn't care and he always tells me "it's the thought that counts" but sometimes especially special days like these I want everything to be perfect. I'm so grateful for him! I knew he was gonna be a great dad when we started dating cuz  he said he wanted 10 kids (no joke)

I love you Lance Ainsworth, father of my son, my best friend, and lover forever, Happy Father's day!