Friday, April 8, 2011


 So EGGstatic this week because Pottery Barn  has these really cute Easter Egg decorations.

Aren't these adorable?! They cost $19

But You can make them for under $4 

What you need:
1 Dozen large or extra large eggs ( $2)
Black Paint (already had)
Small paint brush (already had)
Needle (already had)
Twine or Hemp Cord ($1.69 @ michaels)
Hot glue gun (already had)

When I was in 5th grade my mom was my teacher and we made an Easter egg craft with eggs and so I remember how to get the yolk out.

1. First with your needle you poke a hole on top (Probably have to make a couple holes all in one)

2. Then with your needle poke holes on the bottom just like you did on top only the bottom hole has to be a little bit bigger so that the yolk can come through

3. Once you have a good size hole, you can start blowing the yoke out through the small hole and it will come out the bigger hole, if your having a hard time your hole might not be big enough (the yoke should come out pretty smooth and fast)

I put this pic of my husband cuz the pic of me wasn't cute :)

4. Once you get all the yoke out, run the egg shell under water and blow out the water so you can clean it out a little.

5. Now you're ready to paint! I used a thin paint brush for the letters, you can do whatever you like!

6. After it dries, I used some hemp cord and cut it into 4-5 inch pieces, then I tied a knot, cut the ends off, and then I hot glued the knot to the small hole on top of the egg. It's ready to hang or just keep in the basket!

It can be a centerpiece for your table!

This Easter I will be in North Carolina with our Masters team helping do the Easter service. Not gonna lie I'm dreading the drive up there, I don't do well in long road trips. However,
we will be getting to hang out with some of our good friends, which I'm really EGGcited about! Until next time have an EGGcellent weekend!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

His & Hers

Spring is here and I'm in the ZONE to clean, organize, and get rid of things!!! I was reading in my "Real Simple" magazine that April and May are the best months to go thrifting because everyone cleans out their house and while I love thrifting I'm right there with everyone wanting to organize their homes, (honestly I will probably still browse here & there)

Now when it comes to space in my bedroom, closet, or bathroom I can honestly say I tend to be a little selfish and sometimes have a hard time sharing, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only woman that has a hard time with this.
So my lil project this week was about "defining & adding some space," as well as fun and inexpensive! Michaels has a "Dollar Hot Spot" and I found these letters with hooks on them for a buck a piece. If you haven't checked out the "Dollar Spot" make sure you do, they have a lot of cute things for a $1! With that being said, I'm still decorating my bathroom, it's one of those projects I just can't seem to finish mostly because I'm very indecisive and can't decide what style or theme I like. I did however get this idea to fill some space on one of my bathroom walls with the letter hooks I found at Michaels.

 Painted the letters black and then realized I should probably paint the hooks black too!
 I saw someone make "His & Hers" key holder plates and thought they were so cute so I took that idea for the letter hooks. I already had black paint, the only trouble I ran into was I couldn't find the letter "I"  so I found an "I" in the wood crafts section at Michaels. It didnt have any hooks on it, it's just a plain letter, the sad thing was it cost more than the ones in the dollar spot. Oh well what can you do my other resort was to spell out "MR & MRS" but that's one less hook for me and I need all the extra hanging room I can get! Anyways I just had to add little hooks on it and it was good to go!

I'm still trying to decide if I want to add an "&" symbol in the middle, I couldn't find one at Michaels or Joanns Fabrics.... Still searching...we will see

This project benefits both me and my husband because now we both have a little place to put our towels/clothes/accessories and what makes me even more happy is I won't have to see "wet" towels on the bed or clothes on the floor......Well, I'm sure that will still happen but a woman can dream!

The Total cost for this project was about $10.
All you need is the letter hooks, black paint, nails, and a hammer!