Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting ready and getting Bigger

As we get ready for lil Bowden to come, more and more "stuff" continues to fill our plate...but in a good way! We have just bought our first house, which is a dream come true! It's really funny how God works because I always said I wanted a house before I had kids and that was just a personal desire of mine and we weren't really planning on getting a house but everything just fell into place and it all happened so quickly! We literally started looking the 2nd week of June and we just moved in 2 weeks ago so it just goes to show that God really hears our heart and wants to give us even the little desires of it! I'm so grateful for this blessing and can't wait for the memories to take place in our "New Home."

Some Pics I took, we still have some painting and decor to do, but for now it's home!
 Our home minus the PT Cruiser (that's our realtor's car lol)

These next few weeks I will be focusing on the nursery, hoping to get that all put together by the end of this month so that Bowden can grace us with his presence early :) They say at 35 weeks I should have my bags packed and ready to go, so thanks to my friend stacey I have a hospital check list that I got from here, "The Bump" is a sister site of "The Knot", so if you used the knot when you got married you can still you the same login info and it's neat it gives you checklists and different tips. So I will begin to gather all those things so I can be ready for the big day!
 I know this probably seems like a "duh moment" for what I am to say but these last few months have been a lot of preparing, planning, anxious thoughts, and I haven't always taken the time to reflect on God's creativity and workmanship and this is just one little trademark out of a million. I can't believe that Bowden will be here soon and these last 8 1/2 months I have got to witness a miracle of life being created in me and I'm sure I will be in even more amazement when he's here but for now I reflect and think about such things and know that I serve an amazing, all powerful God and He can do anything! So that's that.... just some things on my heart I wanted to share! In the meantime this lil guy is only getting bigger!!! 5 more weeks to go until then I will enjoy the ride!

 Addy having some bonding time with Bowden, he is definitely going to know her voice!

35 Weeks
WEIGHT: 134 (I have gained 26lbs since my starting weight, geez that's crazy!)
FOOD CRAVINGS: Hmmm it's kind of been random... from chocolate chip pancakes to Mcdonalds french fries lol and one day this week I had a growth spurt as you can tell from the pic, I seriously could not get enough food into this belly!
SYMPTOMS: swollen feet or bigger feet, my toms shoes are a lil snug these days. Oh and I woke up with a really sharp cramp in my butt that shot pain in my back, I could hardly get out of bed and literally started crying...but it eventually went away thank you Jesus!
WHAT'S NEW: Sleep is not fun anymore, I can't sleep so Im more tired throughout the day, I literally have to pee every 2-3 hrs, (3hrs is the max) Bowden is stretching and punching my ribs which is uncomfortable. My legs are swollen or retaining water which makes me feel like I'm carrying even more weight!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bowden's Shower

This last week has been crazy, we bought a house, moved in, celebrated 4th of July, and had the most amazing baby shower ever! So Ill save you some time on the house, and hopefully can post pics in the near future. But definitely my highlight was my baby shower.... it was absolutely perfect!!! I don't want this to come out the wrong way so hopefully I say it write it correctly! You always have ideas of things/ visions of what you like or what you would want for a shower...but then again you don't throw your own shower that would be weird and it's a blessing when others want to put one on for you. So of course I was completely honored that such amazing women would want to throw me a shower but can I just say that it was exactly what I would throw myself...I hope that doesn't sound funny I just mean that I absolutely loved everything about it,  one I have amazing people in my life that know me well, and two they are very creative women, which makes me feel privileged to know them!!! 
Right when I came in there was a prayer tree for Bowden, that friends and family wrote prayers on, the sign in book was a children's book called "Baby Bear Baby Bear What Do You See" which is such a neat idea cuz I already call Bowden my "body bear" and then there was the food, (oh the cake and the smores pops...mmmm delicious), the games were so fun, sculpting babies out of plato and then a special song wrote and sung just for Bowden...yes Bowden is loved! Of course there was my emotional moment when some of my friends and women I look up to, who were not able to come, gave me some words of confidence to be a mom, I was crying! Up to this point the anxiety has begun to hit harder and so it was nice to come to this celebration and be excited for Bowden and know that I can do this and not be scared. I was completely overwhelmed with love and gratitute and it was such a joyous time for me!!! Thank you friends!!! Stacey, Sheri, Krista, Christina, Nayeli, Lisette, Diana, Yadiz, Kathie, Rebecca, Rosemary, Kara, Linda, Bri, and Megan I love you all!!!!