Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3 hour time frames

Im writing this in my spare crunch time, it's amazing to me how my schedule is not my own anymore but it's Bowden's. My days are now broken up into 3 hr time frames, if that. I have managed to take a nap in one of those times frames, clean the house, admire Bowden, run errands, grocery shop, eat a meal or two, and again look at my baby. You really begin to realize how time goes by fast and slow but mostly it's just priceless and to cherish every minute!  I know eventually things will change but for now I'm just trying to recover, relax, and live in the moment!

 A couple weeks ago my sister in law took some newborn pictures of Bowden and once again she is AMAZING and so good with babies!

Right now I have come to the conclusion that Bowden has my nose and eyes and everything else Lance but he is already changing so much it's incredible.

Wrapping up this post mostly because I hear someone waking up!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

No one told me....

When Lance and I first started dating, he told me that he wanted 10 kids...I laughed and thought that was cute...4yrs later I ask Lance do you still want 10 kids....his response....(hesitant) I don't know lol...
Well it's been quite an experience these last 2 weeks! A roller coaster of emotions, physically draining, but lots of joy!!!
I knew it was going to be different and even challenging but no one told me it was going to be hard the first 2 weeks, and I know why....the joy that lil baby brings can wipe all that away in seconds!!!
I don't want this post to be negative at all but I do want to share some things that I learned that will definitely help me for next time.
1. Increase my fiber intake right when I get home and stool softners are your friend...say no more
2. When everyone tells you to sleep when baby sleeps do can really do some damage on your body from going to some sleep to no sleep!
3. Breastfeeding is hard painful...I wasn't prepared for that and  thanks to a friend I learned that medela lanolin cream works better for me than the lansinoh cream
4. Let people help if they want...Normally I feel bad when people want to help but let me just say having my mother in law here was such a blessing and having friends bring dinners was a huge help and blessing as well!!!
5.  You're gonna be emotional....No one told me that...the tiniest thing would make me cry lol.. like rejecting my cat because she can't sleep in my room anymore...
6. Your heart will completely be taken away... I didn't know it was gonna be like this and that I would feel the way I do but Bowden keeps stealing my heart

 People told me that having a baby would change my life and make me wish I would have had one sooner and that I would just absolutely love it but... those words are all one told me that I would want to look at my baby all the time and see the amazing creation of God at hand, no one said that my selfish ways would begin to decrease and the way I pray would completely change, that I would become so protective it almost makes me scared and I have to direct my mind to God right away to calm my thoughts, that when he looks at me he knows that I'm his mom and he knows I love him!! I have learned that this experience, this journey has had its ups and downs but with just one look at Bowden the downs begin to disappear and it makes me more excited for the future!

I just love this face!