Friday, July 6, 2012

Bowden's Shower

This last week has been crazy, we bought a house, moved in, celebrated 4th of July, and had the most amazing baby shower ever! So Ill save you some time on the house, and hopefully can post pics in the near future. But definitely my highlight was my baby shower.... it was absolutely perfect!!! I don't want this to come out the wrong way so hopefully I say it write it correctly! You always have ideas of things/ visions of what you like or what you would want for a shower...but then again you don't throw your own shower that would be weird and it's a blessing when others want to put one on for you. So of course I was completely honored that such amazing women would want to throw me a shower but can I just say that it was exactly what I would throw myself...I hope that doesn't sound funny I just mean that I absolutely loved everything about it,  one I have amazing people in my life that know me well, and two they are very creative women, which makes me feel privileged to know them!!! 
Right when I came in there was a prayer tree for Bowden, that friends and family wrote prayers on, the sign in book was a children's book called "Baby Bear Baby Bear What Do You See" which is such a neat idea cuz I already call Bowden my "body bear" and then there was the food, (oh the cake and the smores pops...mmmm delicious), the games were so fun, sculpting babies out of plato and then a special song wrote and sung just for Bowden...yes Bowden is loved! Of course there was my emotional moment when some of my friends and women I look up to, who were not able to come, gave me some words of confidence to be a mom, I was crying! Up to this point the anxiety has begun to hit harder and so it was nice to come to this celebration and be excited for Bowden and know that I can do this and not be scared. I was completely overwhelmed with love and gratitute and it was such a joyous time for me!!! Thank you friends!!! Stacey, Sheri, Krista, Christina, Nayeli, Lisette, Diana, Yadiz, Kathie, Rebecca, Rosemary, Kara, Linda, Bri, and Megan I love you all!!!!


  1. Love you and I am glad you enjoyed the baby shower! You absolutely deserved it :) xoxo

  2. You are so very welcome & you totally deserve it! Yay I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I SO wish I could have been there with you friend. I hope you got tons of amazing things for my sweet Bowden! We have got to start planning a trip so I can come meet him & hang out with you. I love you!

  3. It was so fun. We love you dearly


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