Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3 hour time frames

Im writing this in my spare crunch time, it's amazing to me how my schedule is not my own anymore but it's Bowden's. My days are now broken up into 3 hr time frames, if that. I have managed to take a nap in one of those times frames, clean the house, admire Bowden, run errands, grocery shop, eat a meal or two, and again look at my baby. You really begin to realize how time goes by fast and slow but mostly it's just priceless and to cherish every minute!  I know eventually things will change but for now I'm just trying to recover, relax, and live in the moment!

 A couple weeks ago my sister in law took some newborn pictures of Bowden and once again she is AMAZING and so good with babies!

Right now I have come to the conclusion that Bowden has my nose and eyes and everything else Lance but he is already changing so much it's incredible.

Wrapping up this post mostly because I hear someone waking up!


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