Monday, May 30, 2011

Thrifty Skirts

Ok so lately I have been wanting long or semi-long skirts..ONE because its getting warmer, SECOND I don't really own any and THIRD I have seen some cute ones that have sorta inspired me to want one!

Bohemian style

Love this blue skirt!

Maxi Skirts!

Well I'm a money saving, budget friendly kind of girl so I'm not wanting to spend lots of money and so I was really excited to find these skirts at some thrift stores!

This first one let me just say, some blood was shed over no really...and it wasn't because I was fighting someone for it. The tag was stapeled to the skirt and as I was trying it on the staple literally cut my thumb, almost like a paper cut but times10 and it cut my leg! So of course I had to buy it for all that pain!
But hey it was 50% off so I only paid $1.50

Not only is the skirt thrifted but I got the gold belt too!
(Oh with me is Val, she is one of our leaders in our discipleship program and she is amazing!)

So if your wanting something light and breezy and into saving money go get yourself a thrifty skirt!

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  1. You look gorgeous olivia! Gotta love long/mid length skirts this summer!!! ;)


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