Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recycle or ReUse

Before I get into my project for this week, I must explain the reason it even came about.... Lately I have been noticing an extremely large quantity of brown paper bags in my kitchen, it would look as though I was a paper bag hoarder lol I assure you I'm not, I just never throw them away after I grocery shop and they just pile up on the side of the fridge (maybe I'm not the only one :) I know I should recycle and use the reusable bags but I only have 2 reusable bags (usually not enough for all my groceries) Since I have so many brown bags, I just keep thinking to myself, "Ok Olivia surely there is something you can use these for."  while that thought is going, I'm realizing I need gift bags for some gifts I have and I don't have any big enough. Well then it all comes together.. LIGHTBULB! ReUse the brown paper bags for gift bags!

So here I am for this week making home made gift bags...

These are really simple and the more you go all out in decorating the more it really does look like a gift bag! I made a few different ones using materials I had on hand. The items I used for the first one are:

Hot glue Gun
White scrap fabric
Hemp Cord
2 Brown Paper bags

First I cut one of the paper bags because some of the paper bags that I have, have print on both sides so I had to first cover that up by gluing pieces of the other brown paper bag. With some extra material I had I twisted up a flower and glued it to the bag. Next with some hemp cord I spelled out love and glued it down. With more material I wrapped it along the handles. Made a lil card to attach and there you go! What makes these look more like gift bags than paper bags is changing up the handles and adding a card.

This Next one I used:
Hot Glue Gun
Stick on Rhinestones
Black Marker

I colored the handles with the black marker and then stuck on the rhinestones, covered the print once again and just glued some ribbon around the bag, super easy!!

So if you are ever in need of a gift bag or you just want to get your creative juices flowing...Make your own homemade gift bag!!!

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