Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Latelies

Hey guys I'm back again this week for Thursday Latelies with Bex! bexastylediary

 Here to share some things that have made my week a lil extra special! Please be sure to check out all the amazing gals that have linked up this week!!


1. Project: Anthropologie look a-like Scarf


2. Luigis Real Italian Ice

3. Gap Shorts


4. Friends


  1. I'm totally a project person. OLIVIA! I'm going to make that scarf!! Don't be surprised when you see me wearing one love this. You've inspired me.
    I have a sewing machine and don't know how to use it! Bad me! But I'm going to learn this week because you've motivated me friend.
    Too many projects I want to do and I need to sew. Must. learn. NOW.

    Kara Is a wonderful Girl! Love her sweet heart.
    I'm so glad you're linking up Liv!

  2. Aww Becky thank you well you always inspire me!!! And yes u need to use your sewing machine!!! I'm not that great with mine but I know the basics, kinda just teach myself as best as i can.

  3. Olivia your video is not playing on my page! So sad i was excited to see your thursday latelys!
    <3 Emily (moore)

  4. Oh no, ya I'm not too tech savvy with my computer so as it is my video is not the best, had fun hanging out with u last week, need to do it again!


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