Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am going on 10 weeks and whether or not you can tell I definitely can! The first few weeks I was experiencing cramping almost every night when I went to bed until about a week ago. The last couple weeks I have been having morning sickness, extreme allergies, and now today the bump is taking shape! Honestly I haven't felt that great, not trying to be negative, just honest but lately I started missing the days before I was pregnant and all the energy I had. It's hard to be excited when you feel this way and I know it's normal. Which is why a good wake up call is always necessary in times like these! So, this last Sunday at church our pastor talked about "Declaration" and declaring the positive over our life, marriage, family, kids, and so forth. So I am declaring a lot of great things over this pregnancy and my life and being thankful for it! So far my allergies have let up thank you Jesus! I am so thankful for today's fashion trends that allow me to cover up this lil pudge I'm developing (well obviously it's a baby but right now it just looks like chub), if the 80s or 90s fashion was still here I would be in trouble and embarrassed! Also, if I can't have as much energy right now then I declare rest!

I saw this the other day and thought it fit with my lifestyle right now!

I think I take more naps now then ever in my life!

It starts out innocent me just sitting in the chair and then all of a sudden I'm out but aren't my slippers cute! My mother-in-law got me these for Christmas, they are Simply Vera Wang, I love them!!!
Next week we go to the Dr. and I can't wait! They couldn't get us in til then but it just seems like forever and I'm anxious to see how this lil baby the size of a prune is doing! Until then, I'll just keep looking at cute baby things to get me more excited!

I leave you with this, if your feeling blue to really ask yourself "What am I speaking over my life, my friends, my family, is it good or bad am I declaring blessings or curses?"

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