Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Only Just Begun

Well I'm sad to say that the minute after I blogged my last post I was immediately attacked! Friends it was not a good weekend for me! 
It all started on  Friday afternoon, it was such a beautiful day outside we are talking 70 degrees, we had an afternoon planned outside with our Masters Students for some athletic games. Well since I have stopped taking my allergy medicine, what decides to flare up....MY ALLERGIES! UGH it was so annoying, kid you not I must have been sneezing every 3 seconds! I finally decided to take a benadryl, thinking this will definitely work...Nope it didn't help but make me a lil drowsy and not even enough to make me fall completely asleep.  Not only that but I sneezed so much I think I bruised my rib cage or my lungs, not sure which one, so that left me in pain on Saturday. Then totally exhausted on Saturday the "morning sickness" decides to grace me with her presence :) and  literally feeling like poop I could not function at all... So I did absolutely nothing but lay in bed all day! Well to add to all that my husband was not feeling that great either and come to find out he too is dealing with some morning sickness...No really I laughed when I heard that but I guess some men can experience some of the same symptoms as  pregnant women. They call it Couvade Syndrome also means "Sympathetic Pregnancy" they experience mood swings, food cravings, weight gain and some other symptoms...not really sure how I thought it was insane and maybe it was just a coincidence but it was funny either way. I mean my husband took at least 3 naps ...he never takes naps and then our dinner not only made me sick but him as well. So maybe this Couvade Syndrome does exist? Well that was my weekend not very eventful but physically draining for me and my husband :)
I am Praying and hoping for a much better week and it really has started out better, last night a friend gave me some of her anti nausea medicine she took when she was pregnant and it worked so good I had no worries of seeing my dinner in the toilet! Thank you Jesus!  Continuing to look on the bright side this lil raspberry inside me is growing more every day and I know it will be worth it, at least that's what I'm telling myself everytime I feel sick!


  1. Oh Olivia, Sorry bout the morning sickness and stuff. I will pray for you and Lance. I gained weight and had food cravings too :) lol Welcome to dadhood. I love you bunches and am hopeful this will be short lived sickness :) xoxo dad


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