Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Heart is at Ease

I can't tell you how many times in the last month my mind has been going crazy thinking about this new life growing inside of me! You would think after missing your period, taking a pregnancy test, going to the Dr to take another pregnancy test and showing signs like morning sickness, fatigue, food cravings, and mood swings that I would know without a doubt I was having a baby...RIGHT!? NOPE?? I guess CRAZY can be added to the list of symptoms because to tell you the truth some days I just didn't FEEL pregnant I know that sounds strange and maybe I am not the only one who experienced this. But until I could actually see this lil thing my heart just could not be at ease. Yesterday, though, that all changed we went to our first official apt, met our Dr., and finally got to see the baby. I was so nervous, I thought for sure my blood pressure was gonna be off the charts. 
There were 2 things that I have been most nervous about this apt and the first one was this:
1: The baby, obviously but I just wanted to make sure everything was still growing and working right, which it is, Thank you Lord! And the second thing was if I would be able to see it. I know that sounds funny but if you have ever watched the show "Friends" when Rachel goes to the Dr and they are doing a sonogram she tells them she can see it and then later tells Ross that she never really saw it so they show her again and she lies and says she can see it but really can't, knowing me I thought for sure I would not be able to see it. So they go to do the sonogram and lying there my Dr. is telling me where the head is and the bottom...Folks no lie I just laid there and smiled cuz I really couldn't see it. In that moment I felt like Rachel from FRIENDS! Then my Dr. decided to look at it a different way and I could finally see it! So YAY, I'm not dumb!!!

 Here is baby's 1st sonogram!

Everything looks good, we got to see the lil heart beat and my due date is AUGUST 28th! Everything is a lot more real now!! I'll post pics soon!

Recap on these last 2 weeks:
Weight: 106 (I have gained 3 lbs...)
Fatigue: 1 Daily Nap and a full nights rest
Morning Sickness: Nausea almost every day (but I haven't thrown up in the last week and a half yay!)
Allergies: Under control my Dr. said I can take my claritan PRAISE GOD!!
Food Cravings: EGG McMuffin with Ham from McDonalds(So weird I use to hate McDonalds), milkshakes, and I do eat more fruit (not sure if that's a craving or me trying to be healthy)


  1. I am so glad you are blogging!(you may have been doing it for years, but I just found it) Its such a great way to process all these amazing times. I am so excited to follow your journey through pregnancy and newmommyhood. Your so right about the whole not "feeling" pregnant thing. I went through that too, come to think of it I don't know any mom who hasn't. I remember craving milkshakes too, but not just any milkshake I had to have a hagen doz (not sure how to spell) chocolate malt from smash Burger. I am excited to follow your blog! Love you, Ash

  2. Thanks Ashley! That's funny about the hagen doz, and actually that sounds pretty good! Love you too and I'm sure your enjoying motherhood I can only imagine how great of parents you guys are!!

  3. Yay...I'm glad I got to see my new little niece or nephew! That is the cutest arm and leg I have ever seen. :)


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