Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Fun, Tattoos, and Traditions!

This week has been a really awesome one! I got a TATTOO!!! JK well I did but it's fake, I decided to put a heart tattoo on my belly in honor of our baby for Valentines, I know sometimes I can be cheesy haha. Hey sometimes you just gotta enjoy life and do something fun even the little things matter and who doesn't love a fake tattoo, I feel so cool!

My belly looks really round in this pic for some reason, I think it's cuz I changed the lighting effect on it ;(

For Valentines my hubby took me on a date but let me rewind..... When we first starting dating we wanted to make it fun, so I planned a date and Lance planned one and on the one I planned we went and painted pottery for each other, it was a lot of fun! And ever since I have wanted to go back and do it again. So where did my hubby take me...YEP that's right we painted pottery. I was so excited, the weather was rainy which made it perfect and seeing as how I don't have much energy these days it made it that much more better for me, and we were the only ones there so it was like we had a private studio! So now comes the time to figure out what to paint, I wanted to paint Lance something and he wanted to paint me something but we also wanted to share this with our baby. I guess people would be like why are you thinking about that when it's your last Valentines together but this is our life together and we are living it now and right now we are having a baby so we wanted to make it special! We decided to paint bowls, one for Papa Bear, one for Mama Bear, and of course one for Lil bear (do you see the pattern forming.. from Goldilocks?) 

Anyways we thought it would be neat to each have our own cereal/soup/ice cream bowl. And we also started a new tradition, when we decide to add to our family we will paint them a bowl! I love traditions because they create memories and give you something to look forward too, I can't wait to add more traditions to our family in years to come!
This week I got spoiled with 2 Valentine's Dates, my hubby and I celebrated the day before and tried out a new pizza place and then on Valentines my in-laws came to town and we got to hang out with them. We went to this really nice steakhouse called the Vineyard, and it was so sweet they gave us ladies a rose when they seated us!

Well I hope you all felt just as loved as I did and do! I am in my last week of my First Trimester so I'm hoping to regain that energy that I heard comes in the 2nd Trimester!

Recap week 12
Symptoms: I am starting to grow these lil curly cue hairs around the edge of my forehead  (I guess it's from the prenatal pills) still having a lil nausea here and there :( Also, I seem to be more forgetful these days..oh well
Weight: ??? haven't weighed myself yet probably cuz I have eaten a lot of chocolate my hubby gave me!
Food Cravings: Sour candy (preferably sour patch watermelons) really candy in general! oooh and Easter has my favorite candy so excited!


  1. Where is this place! Me and Sarah have been talking about doing something like for awhile but havent really found a place

  2. We went to one in southlake i cant remember the name but u pay like $6 per hr which includes all your paint and then just the price of the pottery u pick out! U guys should go! Just type in paint pottery in southlake and it should pull up

  3. thanks!! I used to do this all the time in Cali so Im excited to get back into it!


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