Saturday, March 17, 2012

The "real" bump and the 7 dwarfs

 I read this blog and this girl compared pregnant women to the Snow White's 7 dwarfs, which is funny and kind of true for me! The first few weeks I was pregnant I would have called myself "SNEEZY," because I stopped taking my allergy meds and that's all I was doing. The next few weeks I became "SLEEPY" I literally fell asleep in my chair at work! Then who decides to grace me next...."GRUMPY" lol with these hormones going crazy my emotions have been up and down. Since this pregnancy is all new to me I have become "DOC" trying to diagnose any new symptoms that come on! Then comes "DOPEY," I can't lie I have had my moments of being forgetful and a  little out of it! As far as being "BASHFUL" hmmm I tend to be shy anyways and actually I feel kind of the opposite these days, so maybe that one doesn't completely apply yet. And now being in my 2nd Trimester, I guess you could say I'm "HAPPY" I love feeling like I'm alive! So there you have it me as all 7 dwarfs!
Anyways I have had a good couple weeks but it seems that in the last week and a half I have had a growth spurt! I cannot tell you how much hungrier I am now, it's insane! I want to eat all the time! I'm usually going to bed hungry thinking about what I am going to eat for breakfast the next day...yeah it's pretty sad! I took some pics this week but I really feel the camera is not doing justice to how big Im starting to get! But seriously there is a bumpy there!!! I wore my first pair of maternity jeans, and I love them! They are so comfortable I can tell I will be wearing these quite often!
Then to top off the week, my best friend Kara came to visit me which was so much fun! We literally just picked back up from where we left off! Nothing like Timeless conversations! We also made the World's best Chocolate Chip cookies! I must say they were pretty good!


FOOD CRAVINGS: These days my cravings are influenced by commercials and people, if I see someone eating Taco Bell all of the sudden that sounds good to me and I want Taco not a good thing for me!
WHAT'S NEW: I'm having weird side pains, belly button pains (Everything is stretching and growing making room for the baby :) my veins are becoming a lil more noticeable...kinda grosses me out

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  1. I made a post!! Oh how exciting! :-) I had so much fun with you too friend & I'm so glad we do always just pick right back up where we leave off. And loved reading your dwarfs story,'re too cute!


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