Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Name Reveal

Ladies and Gentlemen I'm happy to announce that we have finally picked a name for this baby!!! Yes I said finally because to me it's been a long time coming!
I didn't think picking a name for our children would be that difficult since I had pretty much had names picked out years before I was married (Yes I was that girl, daydreamer and all) But of course I learned that my husband has a say also and that it's not just my decision :) however he didn't like any of my names and honestly I think I outgrew some of them anyways so it was back to square one.
We had picked out a few names in the beginning of the pregnancy and then tired ourselves out so we called it quits for a few weeks....a couple months to be exact. For us we wanted our child's name to have a  good meaning or some kind of sentiment. We tossed around my mom's name Jaimie because she was and will always be a huge part of my life. Then we thought about lance's name first and middle maybe carrying down the grandfathers' names. And then of course on my dad's side using some Japanese heritage and continuing to carry on my Great-Grandfather's name Takeo, whom my dad and brother are also named after. And while Lance really likes Takeo I didn't want it to be a first name so we thought it would be a great middle name. So we are using Takeo as the middle name which means, "WARRIOR." which if you know Lance you would know that in another life he would have been a warrior, gladiator, samurai, braveheart soldier all in one!

So how could this not be perfect for his son! 
Now that we have the middle name, on to first names. We came up with 3 names we really like but just couldn't figure out which one to go with: 

1. Emerson= strong, brave
2. Bowden= one who brings news
3. Declan= full of goodness

So we decided to have our friends and family vote and help us out: While I was really pushing for the the first 2, Lance really liked Declan. And the most votes went to.......EMERSON.  After all the votes were in we waited about a week to decide and while I thought it could potentially be too much pressure asking people to vote, it was neat to see what people picked and why, but they were all great sports and really nice about it! We were really close to picking Emerson and even tried it out for a day lol but it didn't feel right and I was really hoping we could do this vote thing and have the one and that be it but unfortunately it didn't work out that way and we had to go with our hearts, so we picked ...BOWDEN!!!
Even though he is not here yet I would like to introduce our soon to be newest addition to the Ainsworth Family:

Bowden Takeo Ainsworth

In honor of this lil guy I dedicated my sbux drink to him, plus he's the reason I needed it :)


Week 22
Weight: 115 (must be all these sweets) need to def cut back or atleast try :)
Food Cravings: cupcakes! (I was never a big fan of cupcakes,  and this last week I ate 3!) 
Symptoms: been waking up with headaches and headaches through out the day :(  my stomach is stretching and it feels tight and a lil uncomfortable, started getting tired again (naptime is back)
What's New: Feeling Bowden move a lot! (love this)


  1. Aww! So excited to meet little Bowden. Fantastic meanings in the name. The starbucks cup reveal is precious! Love it! <3

  2. YAY!!! I am SO glad we have a name for the lil guy now. Now my little nephew doesn't just have to be referred to as lil guy or future nephew. I can call him Bowden!! Although I was definitely a big fan of Emerson, I liked all of the names & this was my second pick. The fact that its out there now though I love it & I am so excited! Baby Bowden! Now I can FINALLY start working on your/his gift! :-) Love you & so excited for you Liv

  3. Thanks Miriam! Kara, your so funny! I was a big fan of emerson too, but yes bowden it is!!1 Miss you friend!

  4. Love the unique name, the middle name is awesome! Congrats on picking a name so early in the pregnancy. It is a very special name! Thanks for making me want a cupcake, you guys!

  5. I can't wait to meet little Bowden!!


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