Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Up and Down

 Lately my hormones have been crazy, one minute I'm up and then next I'm down, it's so insane that I know it's from pregnancy! This week I have had more feedback on the belly than normal, one of our students said, "Don't take this the wrong way but your belly is getting bigger."  Of course I don't take it the wrong way this lil guy was bound to show up sometime! Of course with me getting bigger I have had some trouble with my wardrobe, which for women in general can be frustrating and sometimes stressful, thus putting me in a bad state. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who loves me just the way I am, even if I do wear the same leggings at home.... a week straight!
Then on Friday, would have been my mom's birthday and normally I don't get emotional but of course I was in a weird mood. So Lance asked me what we should do in honor of her and I said well I already had decaf coffee, cuz my mom loved coffee and being pregnant I don't drink it as much. But I didn't think that was enough so I said, "SHOPPING"  mom loved shopping, I know what your thinking.... What a hard thing to do but I felt it was appropriate! So Lance took me shopping which at the same time was definitely needed, I was able to get a couple things for this belly! So with the ups and downs this week I have to say I have had more ups!
P.S I love my husband I'm sure this pregnancy has been just as hard on him as it has for me but he is truly amazing and very patient with me. If I see a commercial for food he lets me go out and get it, he buys me flowers to cheer me up,

 and he hasn't complained about scooping the cat poop! Ladies, he is a WINNER for sure!


WEIGHT: 117.5
FOOD CRAVINGS: T.V ads... haha no really it's happened twice this week I saw a food commercial for something and I had to have it
SYMPTOMS: Nothing too bad, still a lil tired and had a couple backaches, and Hormones, well I guess those aren't new but my husband says I have been a lil feisty this week...oops
WHAT'S NEW: Most of my "normal" pants don't zip and I can't wear the belly band cuz the zipper digs into my skin, so it's pretty much maternity pants/shorts from here on out (with the exception of my boyfriend pants lol good thing those are around)
THINGS IM LOVING: My hair! I'm not losing as much, I can go longer without washing it, and it's growing faster than normal!


  1. LOL!! never been pregnant but when I was first diagnosed with IH I was never hungry unless I saw something on tv...so i ate Olive garden salad a lot! lol.

  2. Thats pretty funny, I would be so happy if I could crave salad, the tv ads I'm seeing r for pizza and icecream lol, hopefully this doesnt last long!

  3. You amaze me! I tried so hard to act like I was normal, nothing different, when I was pregnant 'cause my mother-in-law told me every chance she got that she hoped I wouldn't be a wimp and could act like the women in China who dropped their babies in the rice paddys and kept on working. I ignored my body so I couldn't have chronicled any changes in my body. You're so much smarter than I was!!! love y'all!!

  4. Love you girl! There are so many up's & down's but your right the up's seem to out weigh the downs :)

  5. You've got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! I enjoy reading your blogs. I absolutely loved being pregnant and wish I would have done this. I hope you keep it up after the baby comes!


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