Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Glucose Test

 Last week I had to take the Glucose test, which tests for gestational diabetes and since I have some friends that just went through pregnancy about a year ago they pretty much prepared me for this event.You drink this sweet flavored juice, (I picked orange flavor but I recommend the lemon lime) you wait an hour, and then they draw your blood. However, one thing I didn't know was that you had to drink this really sweet juice in under 5 min, which for me is very difficult because I don't drink a lot of liquids and I don't drink them fast! So when the nurse put the timer in front of me I immediately started panicking and told myself I will not be able to do this! Yes I was being Negative Nancy and of course I didn't finish under 5 min...nope...more like 5 min and 30 seconds. That wasn't the worse part, it made me sick, I felt like I was in my 1st Trimester all over again with the nausea and throwing up... After that day was over I was very much glad and really didn't even think about the results...Sure enough my results came back high and I had to come back in and pretty much do the same thing but this time it was a 3 hour test and they draw your blood before you drink it and then 3 more times, every hour. The first hour, I was very nauseous, (oh ya cuz you can't eat anything before the test which for a pregnant woman can be rough!) But after the 2nd hour it wasn't too bad, just my arms were sore from drawing blood. Unfortunately,  later that day I did get sick again from that juice, which I hate throwing up and really try not too but I knew I had to get all that sugar out of my system to feel better! Oh by the test results came back good, I guess they said sometimes when you take the first test if you have too much sugar or something the day before it can raise your numbers and even if it's just a little they like to be on the safe side and make you take the 3 hr test lol. Well that's been my lil terror the last 2 weeks, this weekend we are going to Lubbock and I couldn't be happier. My husband is getting ordained on Father's Day, as well as preaching with his dad, so I'm really excited for that! We are having my first baby shower and we get to meet the newest addition, our niece Bailey! So this will be a fun-filled weekend with family and I'm definitely looking forward to it!!!

30 Weeks (10 more weeks to go, ahh!!)

Weight: 125
Food Cravings: Hotdogs...oh I wanted a hotdog so bad this week and I got it! Thanks to my hubby, he grilled it just the way I!
Symptoms: My stomach is hurting really bad this week, I guess my skin is stretching making more room for Bowden! Still having shortness of breath....more frequently, it's so annoying feeling like your out of oxygen and dying!
What's New:Bowden is moving so much more now, I literally can see my belly move at times it's pretty crazy! I'm getting pretty anxious, which I guess is normal!


  1. Awww Liv...that sounds miserable! BUT..the fact that it is totally going to be worth it in the end helps :-) I miss you so much, but I'm always so grateful that you post these blogs so I can somewhat keep up. I love you friend!

  2. Awww I am so sorry you had to do the 3 hour test :( The normal nasty glucose test is hard enough to begin with...On a positive note you are so stinkin cute & you are still so tiny!!!!


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