Friday, October 19, 2012

2 Months already!

Where has the time gone...I mean seriously it's already half way thru the month of October and I feel like Christmas will be here soon and then Spring and the next thing you know it, Bowden will be walking...okay maybe not really but these days do seem to fly by quicker than usual. Bowden is 2 months old today and I can't believe how much he has grown.
He had his 2 month checkup yesterday and even though he is still little I feel like he is growing so fast! He is now 10lbs 1oz and 22 1/2 inchs long, He is only in the 8% for his weight, so still little but he doesn't fit into his Newborn clothes anymore :( I'm so proud of him, he did so good when they gave him his shots, of course he cried and afterwards looked at me and lance like we were villains but then as soon as we got in the car he was good!

After his appointment we took him home to nap, he was out for awhile!
Aside from the 2month checkup we started Bowden on a schedule and it is going really good, hard work but it is definitely paying off. Thanks to my sister-in-law sleep is slowly coming back into the picture and a good routine as well. Being a melancholy girl I like things planned and organized so for me having Bowden on a schedule was not an option but a must... at least for my sanity.

 We also gave him some tummy time this week...which he loves!

Bowden's 1st pumpkin patch, daddy decided it would be funny to put Bowden in the tub of Pumpkins but it actually made for a good picture!

I'm the type of person that cherishes the little moments and likes to reflect back on the good times, I hate good byes, and tend to get sad the day after Christmas. Basically I don't like things to move too fast or leave me. So with Bowden already growing fast before my eyes I wanted to do something that I could look back on, capture the memories now, and eventually be able to share with him one day
Every year I get a new journal, it's a tradition I look forward to and I usually buy one right around the fall, it's like a school supply for me that I can't live without! I write my prayers, thoughts, dreams, and things God is teaching me. This year however I got one not just for me but for Bowden, I don't know when but in God's timing someday I want to give it to Bowden, prayers I have for him, things I'm learning from him, moments we shared and just something tangible he can have and I pray that at the times he needs some encouragement or needs to know how much he is loved it can give him that.

Happy 2 months Bowden!!!

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