Friday, January 25, 2013

Taking Risks

Gosh it's been over a month since my last post! Seriously the time is flying by especially now having a baby! Can I just say that I absolutely love being a mom, I know I had Bowden over 5 months ago but I didn't feel like this the moment I gave birth it's been a gradual feeling that just keeps getting bigger and better!! I love this age that he is at, he laughs, smiles, talks, grabs toys, and today he petted our cat for the first time (oh, silly I know but it's those lil moments)

 So that's been life with Bowden, loving everyday!

Well over the Christmas break I decided to start back up doing something I love and that is crafting. I like making things out of nothing or re-modeling things I already have, and really just anything that is fun and crafty!
So we decided (my husband and I) to do a team project, which I love cuz quality time is my love language. I talked about these in my last post I believe, about having a mantle piece that has our home mission statement on it. Well we decided to make a couple more. He chopped the pallets and screwed them together and I painted them! Here are some of the ones we have done:

With doing these pallets I got some encouraging feedback and I decided to open up an etsy shop! I was really hesitant about doing this because for one: I know I go on etsy all the time to see new designs and try to make them myself, so I thought who would buy one and two I thought it would take a lot of work to open a shop. But I think for me it's more than that, I want to inspire and take more risks this year! So even if someone just sees it to make it for them self than I'm flattered and it only costs .20 per item listed for the month and a small percentage once it sales! I"m stepping out and trying something new and I feel good (that's huge for me!)
Well there you have it. Here's the link if you want to visit my lil shop alwaysperseveres

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