Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby's dry skin

This post is probably boring to most people out there but really I just thought this would be good for me to know for the future in case I forget (which seems to happen all the time) and for any other moms dealing with baby's dry skin.
We have been battle ling with dry skin for awhile, it seems since we brought Bowden home from the hospital. Since Lance and I both have dry skin unfortunately it was bound to be passed down. I feel like I have become a professional moisturizing consultant. We have tried so many different kinds of lotions. Of course this is my opinion only but in this particular order I feel works best for us.

Burts Bees (I really like this one but its more of a good everyday lotion)

Johnsons Natural Baby lotion (I was a lil disappointing with this one, but it's a good standard lotion)

If you know any other moisturizers that work great, please share!


  1. Not boring to me! =) I love baby/mom stuff on blogs. Keep it up!

  2. Ashdon has the same problem. But he also broke out with eczema around 4months. I've read only good about the Aveeno. It's tops in my book too.

    1. Really?! It stinks I just thought all babies had smooth skin lol

  3. Said it before- say it again, ur blogs are prescious. Never boring!


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