Tuesday, February 19, 2013

6 months

Well Bowden is 6 months old, I can't believe it, I feel like I should start planning his 1st birthday party already...yikes! I can't believe it but I must say, these last few weeks have been my favorite and really it keeps getting better! I'm loving this age, Bowden is smiling, laughing, and talking like crazy (well baby talk) it's so fun around here! Also, I'm proud to announce.... drum roll...
I have lost all my baby weight and then some!!!!! Wohoo.....Summer get ready, I'm coming for you!!! Sorry if you thought I was pregnant, that will not be happening anytime soon :) I think we need to celebrate, Cheescake factory anyone?!
If I did a recap on these last 6 months I definitely have to say the first couple were interesting and lots of adjusting...okay they were tough! There were however some great moments; like when Bowden first started to laugh, when he started grabbing toys, when he rolled over, when he started putting his toes in his mouth and one of my favorite times was when he fell asleep on me and woke up and I had my eyes closed and he would grab my face so I would open my eyes and then I would shut them and he would do it again. I love watching him learn knew things and every week something new happens! Definitely lots of good memories.
Oh you know just talking and hanging out with dad

Hugging his valentine bear

Of course there were some not so good times.....
 At 4 months Bowden was on a good schedule but I learned that growth spurts, ear infections, teething, and the flu can easily throw your routine right out the window for like a week. One of the things that started at 4 months that we are still dealing with but not as bad is Bowden started scratching his head. At first we thought it was cuz of his cradle cap but then he would do it a lot when he was tired. One morning I woke up and found him all scratched up with blood on his head! It was crazy, so we started putting mits and beanies on every night, then he got smart and figured out how to get them off. Now I have to make sure I trim his nails atleast 2 times a week. I guess it happens to lots of babies and no one really knows why but it just stinks having your baby look like he was in a cat fight!
Another thing we are dealing with is Bowden started rolling from his back to his tummy in his sleep. We woke up one morning to him crying and he was on his tummy, immediately I got scared because I read that SIDS is at the most risk between 1-4 months and doesn't really decrease until they turn 1. Bowden can roll from his tummy to his back so I thought it shouldn't be a problem but I guess it scared him, when I saw him he was planking looking around crying. Ever since that day he has done it almost every time I put him in the crib. They say if they have a strong neck and can hold themselves up not to worry and to put them back on their back. The first night I would check on him so many times, that anxiety started overwhelming me so I have really had to give these worries to God. I can't believe how much love I have for this lil guy, it just keeps growing and growing! It makes me think about God's love for us and it's so unfathomable! Through these last 6 months my life is forever changed and in a good way. I feel so blessed, when I met and married Lance, I became a better person and I feel the same way now having Bowden.

Happy 6 months Bowdie Bear, we love you!!!


  1. I love this post! I love how much you love being a mom! And I love reading the different phases you go through with Bowden, cause then I know what to expect ;)
    Love you sweet mama.

  2. Aww thanks Tabitha, love ya!! If we lived in the same state Brody and Bowden would be friends!!


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