Thursday, April 18, 2013

8 Months and some Randomness

Easter Sunday, investigating the plants in the backyard.

 It's amazing how much in one month a baby can change, grow, and learn new things! It's been really fun around here! At 8 months Bowden is sitting up, rolling like crazy, loving food, and getting ready to crawl!
One of his favorite things right now is clapping, he likes to grab your hands and make you clap. He also just likes watching you clap, he gets a good laugh out of it!

One of my favorite things, is this
I'm kinda the last one to hear about these things, so I get pretty excited when I try something new and it turns out great!

The Nubby Nibbler, wow this thing is amazing, it's a teething ring and a snack toy! Although it is a lil difficult to clean, it's a great alternative for teething babies and gives them a lil treat. Unfortunately for all the teething that's been going on, we have no teeth to show for :(

We had some friends down from North Carolina and their son Q is one month younger than Bowden so they had a lil playdate...they loved it, pretty much Q told lots of stories to Bowden and Bowden listened...what good friends they are!

 For more fun this week we had a lil photo shoot,(if you haven't notice this post is a lil random)

He was being a serious model

Oh Hello there!

And then he got tired...

Thumbsucker! I see you!

Happy 8 Months Bowden!!!

Lastly I decided to take up gardening! I have been wanting to for quite some time but I feel like it's such a delicate hobby that I don't want to get discouraged easily, so, I'm starting out slow. We have a great backyard for it, there are some plants already growing but eventually I want to re-do it and put my own herbs and flowers back there. I was watching the Today show and Martha Stewart did lil edible garden parties in big containers, I thought "I should do that" she did a tea party one with lavender, mint, lemon, and a few others and also a salsa one (which is what I decided to do) with cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

Wish me good luck I'm really excited about this!


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  2. So that he loves the teether and that you found one for him. They are messy, but so great for food and teething!

  3. Yes thank you Cintheya!!! They are a lil messy but def worth it!


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