Friday, May 14, 2010

Home is where the Heart is

A few weeks ago my husband Lance and I upgraded to a 2 bedroom apartment, you might be thinking what did u upgrade from well a 1 bedroom of course! When we first got married we didn’t have much money not that we do now but we were newlyweds just trying to start our life together. To justify getting a 1 bedroom with hardly any money we said “We are not going to have anyone staying with us in our first year of marriage anyways.” Which for the most part we really didn’t up until the month of February when our church and Masters Commission had its annual conference and alumni banquet we had 3 very close friends stay with us. So in our tiny 1 bedroom apt there were 5 people and one night there were 6 of us all crammed in this small living space for about a week. It was the college life with roommates all over again; staying up late, clothes and stuff lying around, figuring out bathroom times to get ready, and it was just a lot of fun. But it wasn’t until this time that Lance and I realized “Ok we need a bigger apartment.” Don’t get me wrong I loved our 1 bedroom apartment it was our first home together as a married couple, we have so many memories there. When we first moved into our apt all our stuff fit in the corner of the living room. Our first meal was a pizza sitting on the carpet, with a card board box as our table and we watched a movie on my small 13” TV. I love that we have that as our first memory in our apt, its one I will never forget it makes you appreciate what you have and greatly appreciate what is to come. Sometimes Lance would ask me where I am going and I would say, “I’m going to the kitchen where else can I go in this 1 bedroom apt.” Honestly I probably could have stayed there longer just because it was our first home but sometimes that season of change comes and you have to go with it.
We love having people over and hanging out with friends and I believe one of my spiritual gifts is hospitality.
 Oh I forgot to mention our kid well she’s a cat. Her name is Addy she needed the bigger space as well. Most of the time she runs the place (I kind of let her) She is part of the family and we love her, especially Lance. (: All that to say is now we have a bigger apartment and I love it! Of course one day I would love to have a house and a dog to run the backyard and a really big kitchen but something I have learned since being married is to really enjoy where I am at in the moment. I love it being just the two of us me and lance best friends leaving our place at 10:00 at night for a sonic run of M&M blast and slushies, going for walks at our favorite park, or having sleepovers in the living room with our mattress watching 24 all night. I know we will never get this time back and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world! They say “Home is where the heart is” our home could be anywhere as long as we are together! So here we are a small change not too drastic but one that will hold even more memories! I would post some pics but unfortunately the decorating part of our home is not complete. Welcome to our Home!

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