Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chicken Flautas & Chocolate Truffles

These past two weeks I have ventured out and tried some new things. After having a bad experience with my bread pudding it took me awhile to try a new a recipe but these past two weeks I have tried two new recipes and even made a fun small piece of work. The first recipe I tried was “Chicken Flautas”, I always like to try recipes of foods that I enjoy eating out. This is kind of a gamble because when you make something you love eating somewhere else you have this expectation in your mind of what you want it to taste like and that can be bad if it doesn’t turn out like that; so I have to completely erase that expectation and know that okay these chicken flautas are not going to taste like the ones at my favorite Mexican restaurant. With this is in mind, I was set to go and they turned out fabulous! This is a high rating from myself pretty much what that means is that this recipe will be put away in my recipe box and will be made again!
The other recipe I tried was one for “Chocolate truffles” I love chocolate it’s a weakness of mine! This one I hit a couple bumps along the road but in the end they turned out pretty good. It was just a standard chocolate truffle with a hint of coffee and a lil bit of liquor (the leftover liquor from the bread pudding (: With this recipe I would love to try it again and maybe alter it a little with raspberry or cream filling. But overall not a letdown at all!
Cooking has become a developing passion of mine and I try to cook one new recipe a week to expand my desire for it as well as my collection of recipes. So far I have only had two really bad recipes I made that I followed exactly as it read, it just tasted horrible, one was a casserole, and apparently I didn’t read enough reviews or any for that matter! The other well you know was the bread pudding :(
My last piece of work I had fun doing was a small craft I saw online that I wanted to try. Basically I took the idea and completely changed it. The craft was making a brooch out of bottle caps and beads but I made mine out of fabric and buttons. It turned out cute and I have actually already worn it! I tell you with summer coming it just has this way of making me want to try new projects and have fun with it! I have this book from Joyce Meyers called “I dare you” and it’s about purpose and living out your dreams. I know that God has a big purpose for my life and I’m not there yet but I also have dreams some small and some big and one of them is to be a mom. So I know that my desire to cook and make small projects is a small stepping stone into becoming a mom hopefully one that is fun and creative. Find what you like to do and do it!

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