Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Customize It!

I love to do online Browsing especially if I don't have money, what can I say I'm a Dreamer. So the other day I ended up on Anthropologies site, Just doing some "browsing" and I was looking at the necklaces and was blown away by the prices. I couldn't believe how expensvie they were, I guess I never really looked at their jewelry before. Looking at some of their stuff I thought to myself (Something we have all probably said before)....
"I can totally make that" So I got this big idea to try and make it and really prove my point lol. Don't get me wrong I love Anthropologie which is why I get upset that I can't afford some of their stuff! So instead of getting all sad the positive Olivia kicks in and says "Wait a minute lets save some money, go for a challenge, and use the creativity God has given me."
Hey.... sometimes you are your best encourager!
 Once you look at these hopefully you'll agree with me at how simple these look to make.

Yellow Necklace: $38.00
Red Beaded: $48.00

So here's my necklace: I combined the red beads with the simplicity of the yellow beaded necklace. I got my beads from Michaels which a lot of their beads are on clearance right now  and I had a coupon for any item 40% off. If you get the Sunday ads, usually Joanns' and Michaels stuff goes on rotation of what goes on Sale as well as Hobby Lobby. So you never have to pay full price for beads!

My Version: $7
Just some red beads and string

Anthropologie: $428.00 (WOW)
I would never pay that much! Especially for a piece of ribbon and 5 beads!!

Now this one was a lil trickier to make because you have to find beads with big enough holes for the ribbon to go through. They sell ribbon with clasps so all you have to do is take the clasps off and put the beads on.

My Version: $14

I love these necklaces, so simple and if you like that Safari look its in for Spring!

My thing is that "If you see something you like but can't afford it... Customize it!"
I'm not going into Jewelry Making or anything, I just have always liked making things when I was little, its fun for me and I'm always up for a challege, you never know you can do something unless you TRY!!!

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  1. Wonderful! I'm right there with you on do it yourself ;)


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