Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bowden's Nursery

Here we are at 38 weeks and I can finally say Bowden's Nursery is just about complete! A lil on the late side but I feel good about it! When planning the nursery I wanted something that had a part of both of us, Lance's manly, adventurous side and yet my soft but loving side. I'm really happy about his nursery, there's a lot of sentimental things that went into the making of this and I feel so blessed for all the friends and family that are a part of it!
First off, I mentioned this earlier but Lance built the crib with our friend J. He always said he wanted to build it and honestly I didn't know if it was going to happen because he didn't get to start on it til about a month ago, but it really only took him a weekend to do it! (There's a funny story to go with it that Ill have to share another time!)
 My grandma knitted that white blanket, it's so soft!

Next, is the bedding, my creative and talented Aunt wanted to make Bowden's bedding as a gift to him. She's pretty amazing, she can make anything from blankets to wedding dresses! I wanted something simple but with a touch of color and she did just that. This lumberjack print is part of the inspiration with the deer on it!
Oh and the bear we got when we found out we were having a boy! Bowden's first teddy!
We went with a wall plank wallpaper, that our friend Shawn helped Lance put up, they did such a good job!
The deer stag was a gift we got from Amazon, I painted it white and left the antlers the original color, I had seen a picture from pinterest that did something similar and really liked it!

 This rustic tin is a gift from my best friend Kara, that has prayers for Bowden in it that friends and family wrote to him

For my shower, all my hosts got me these paintings, that I thought would look perfect over the crib!

Bowden's first children's book was the sign in book at my shower, such a cute idea and I love it cuz it's about a bear!

There are so many lil things in this room that were gifts from people that I can't wait to share with Bowden!
We made this book on shutterfly (it was actually free, when you sign up with them they send you free deals) for Bowden, it has pictures of all of our family so we can show Bowden who loves him, since our families don't live by us.
There's just a couple more things that I want to get to complete his room: a lamp, a picture of a world map that I think Lance is gonna make, and I ordered this old children's book "Paul Bunyan" I remember watching it as a cartoon and since lumberjack is our theme, why not!
 Well there you have it, Bowden's rustic escape! We had a lot of fun with his nursery and now we are ready for him to take over it!

38 Weeks
WEIGHT: 138 (I have gained my 30lbs since my starting weight 108, so hopefully these next 2 weeks I don't gain more lol) no pics this week....
FOOD CRAVINGS: Haven't been that hungry, I think Bowden is taking up too much space!
SYMPTOMS: Just really uncomfortable, more braxton hicks contractions and starting to get really tired again (naps are back in the schedule)
WHAT'S NEW:  Still dialated to a 2, I'm hoping he comes within the next week but I have doubts! The nesting has begun, I make sure my hair is washed every day and the house is clean. Also anytime Lance and I are out somewhere we talk about what we would do if my water breaks! (You just never know)


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