Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bowden's Special Arrival

At 39 weeks I knew Bowden was gonna come I just didn't think it would be the way it was, but of course we know that in life things don't always go as planned! My due date was set for August 27th but my dr. said she could induce me on Tuesday August 21st, a week early, and I was all for it. Not sleeping anymore and just getting more and more anxious I caved in to the planned delivery but deep inside I still wanted to be surprised, I wanted my water to break (you know how you see in all the movies) I wanted this part of my life to be like the movies, I know kinda weird but the last 2 weeks I have been fantasying how my water would break and everywhere I would go I would think of my game plan in case my water broke. 
Well.....I got my wish only it wasn't as cool as I thought it was going to be...don't get me wrong I'm still glad it broke, I just didn't know what I was really in for.Well on Saturday (the Sat before my induction date) I didn't have any contractions which I thought was strange because up until this point I was having more and more contractions. It was crazy because a couple of my friends made comments to me that Bowden was going to come that day but I was like "I haven't had any contractions so I really can't see that happening." At about 2am that night I woke up, feeling wet, I thought I peed my pants because normally I have been waking up every 1 1/2-3 hrs having to pee and since we had a busy week I thought I must have been so tired I slept thru it (which when your pregnant and you have to pee, you can't sleep thru the pain lol) So I go to the bathroom, and it doesn't smell like pee and more liquid just keeps coming... right then  I thought my water must have broke. So I called my husband over, we started getting our stuff together, I took a quick shower and we were off to the hospital. Thinking my water broke and it was done, I was excited....that all changed until we got out of the car and more water starts coming down my pants I felt so gross, the good thing was there was no one at the hospital at 3 am. Also, I didn't know that there's about 2liters of amniotic fluid(water) that is released, so I was draining water for quite awhile! 

Here's me at the hospital, notice i'm wearing a black hoodie, I grabbed the wrong jacket I didn't notice until I got inside the hospital...I was's not like we rushed to the hospital 

The delivery didn't go as I thought it would, I ended up having an emergency C-Section. Everything was fine up until around 7 am, my cervix was dilated to a 5, and I had already got my epidural. But then Bowden's heart beat dropped so I was on oxygen for about and hour to get it back up, I was having some heavy bleeding but they said it was fine, and then my blood pressure dropped and as soon as that happened they called the dr and took me straight to the surgery room. I guess my placenta had erupted and detached. From that moment on everything happened so fast, Bowden was here within 10 minutes of all that. It was so fast that they tried to up my epidural that it didn't take affect all the way, so I could feel some of the surgery (it was painful, there were some tears) thankfully I had my amazing husband holding my hand through it all (I guess I was squeezing his hand so tight the nurse couldn't get the scrubs over his hands) 
As we are getting set up in the delivery room, I told Lance that I was happy that Bowden was going to be delivered on Sunday August 19th, because that is the anniversary of my mom's death and instead of it being a day of remembering my mom which can sometimes make me sad, I felt like God wanted to make it a joyful day and use Bowden. So Lance had the idea of adding my mom's name to Bowden's. I'm not for long names but when he said that I thought it was sweet and only right to honor my mom. So we did, we added Jaimie. 

Meet Bowden Jaimie Takeo Ainsworth

born on Sunday August 19th, 2012 at 8:59am weighing 5lbs, 15oz, and 19in long

the sunshine after the storm...was seeing my lil boy, my son, Bowden and yes I would do it all over again even the same way if I had to just for him! I love him and he has my heart more and more each new day! He is so sweet and I know God has such an amazing plan for his life, I know there is definitely favor over his life and he really is a warrior! On the way to the surgury room I was trying not to panic cuz I could tell the nurses were hiding their fear, I just kept praying and God was telling me that Bowden is a warrior and this is the day He wanted Bowden here.

39 Weeks (before Baby was born)

Weight: 140 I think
Food Cravings: Made sure I went to all my favorite spots this week since I knew it was my last week to go out for awhile.
Symptoms: lots of contractions, lack of sleep, little bit of swelling in my hands and feet, and anxiety
What's New: We now have a new member added to our family, Lil Bowden and my New Mommy gifts. My mother in law got me the Mother's heart necklace from James avery and my husband got me a bracelet that we are going to get engraved with Bowden's name and birthday.


  1. Loved getting all the details. Made me feel like I was there! I'm thinking God for answering all my prayers for you and giving you more blessings I never thought of!!! love y'all!

  2. So happy to hear your positiveness in the midst of all that happened! They really are worth it all. So happy to see his face in your blog now. :) Love you and love the name addition.


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