Saturday, August 4, 2012

I did it! I'm a College Graduate!!!

Wohoo!!!!! I'm so uncontrollably excited you have no let me tell you! 8 years ago I made a decision to not focus on school and focus on ministry, which has been amazing and is what I needed to do! Well 2 years ago I made a 5 year goals list and I put school back on this list, to finish and get my bachelors, not sure how or where I was going to accomplish this I just knew it was something I wanted to do. Well last year I was blessed with an amazing opportunity... I was given a free scholarship to finish school and get my degree! So who wouldn't jump on that train. I decided to add that to my New Years Goals List and finish school by the end of the year. So I began to work.... at a rather slow pace and then I found out I was I decided to pick it up a lil faster. Then one weekend in January I went to a women's conference and a truly, amazing young girl, inspired me and challenged me with her testimony. I walked away that weekend with a new, New Years Goal.... to finish school before I have Bowden (who is due any day...August 27th is my due date) wow I must have been crazy but I wasn't...I was motivated and ready! I just told Bowden he can come early but only after I finish school!
Well friends, I'm here to tell you that I did it!!! I accomplished that goal, I am going to graduate with my bachelors degree in business administration!!!! So Bowden, you may grace us with your presence any day now!!!
I'm so thankful to my husband who has encouraged me along the way...especially the days I wanted to give up and the day I found out I still needed one more class! Also my sweet friend who shall remain nameless, you are truly an inspiration and I'm so grateful for your life's testimony that motivated me and challenged me!!(ok enough with the academy award speech)
Anything is Possible, and most days you have to be your own encourager, just don't give up and if you have a goal write it down. It's so neat because the 5 year goals list I made 2 years ago, half of those goals are coming to pass!!!

Oh ya I forgot to mention that my husband gave me a lil incentive, he said that if I finished school before Bowden comes he would buy me a watch!

Let's just say I have been celebrating all week!!!

Week 37

FOOD CRAVINGS: McDonalds cheeseburger and fries...a lot of sweets
SYMPTOMS: started having more braxton hicks contractions, some cramping, a random hiccup every morning I wake's pretty funny
WHAT'S NEW: I am dilated to a 2 so my Dr. says Bowden should come a lil early...that would be nice!


  1. OOPS!! I sent my comment to Carrie. I'll try again. YEA, Olivia!!! You deserve to celebrate all week!! About Bowden...have you felt compelled to put your house in perfect order? That's usually the last clue you're on the way to the hospital!! love y'all!!

  2. You are truly amazing, and you encourage me in many ways!!!Congrats on finishing school!


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