Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Lovin

June is here and I can’t believe it! I’m not sure the correct date that officially starts Summer I consider it summer when June comes and the weather is in the high 90s! This is one of my favorite seasons; I love the heat and the fact that if you can’t stand it then there are the pools, lakes, and the ocean to balance it out! It’s the season of delicious corn, cherry pickin, and fresh squeezed lemonade. Barbeques are the traditional theme and bathing suits are the most worn outfit .This is the first Summer I don’t have really big plans and I’m not really sure what to expect which is always a fun adventure. There are however two things I always do in the Summer one is I like to make a Summer Goals List; a list of things I like to accomplish whether it’s read a book or work on a project before Summer is over. The seconds is tanning since the sun is a great way to get my intake of Vitamin D and the color has a nice glow to it as well. 
Summer always brings back memories when I was a child since that was when we would take most of our family vacations and play with our friends. One vacation that I have taken since I was 9 that we still take now is we go to the lake, "Bass Lake" thats where I learned how to water ski and wakeboard. There were a couple summers when all the kids on the block would get their rollerblades and play street hockey every night after dinner until the sun went down. Some days we would just swim in our neighbors pool and other days we would stay inside and catch a movie at the dollar theater. One tradition that was my favorite was sleeping on our trampoline under the stars, we did that one a lot until the sprinklers would come on early in the morning (: Oh summer how I love thee!

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