Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Miss it or Miss out

The other day I was driving to work and randomly I started reminiscing about the past. I was thinking about my high school year; the friends I had, cheerleading, and sleepovers. I began to miss it, miss my friends, and miss the hang out times, the cheerleading competitions and cheering at the football games. I started thinking about after high school and still working at my first job “Jamba Juice,” going to college, and the new friends I made. That time in my life was a decision time a “growing up” time and I remember thinking there is something bigger out there than me and wanting more for my life; I miss that time as well. Then it hit me I miss my whole life that I have lived so far, not missed out but miss it. Funny how that word has two completely different meanings one is to fail to hit or strike, to take advantage of and then there is the meaning to regret the absence or loss of. You can miss out on something and then you can miss a loved one. The second meaning is the one I’m feeling I miss some of my old friends and miss the memories. I started getting sad about it like I wish I could relive my life yet I don’t have regrets. I think about my years in Masters Commission and the roommates I had, when I started dating Lance, and our wedding day I miss those times too. I miss all the vacations I have taken with my family and all the graduations, that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. 
All of the sudden it hit me! I shouldn’t be sad but happy because all those times were so good and made me so happy, all the lessons I learned the “growing up” mistakes, and all the fun times. That’s a good life and I realized I need to be thankful that I have those memories to turn back to when times do get tough. So here I am telling all this because we only have this life once and to make sure we are truly living and enjoying what God has put in front of us where we are at in the moments. Whether you have a hundred good memories or maybe just a handful you still have today to make more good memories. Miss your life but don’t miss out on it!

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