Sunday, August 29, 2010


 I don't have too much to say...This past week was a little busy and definitely sad. We said good bye to one of my best friends and her husband. They are headed to Boston, they felt like they were suppose to leave and be closer to their family. I fully understand that, family is important and especially when your thinking about starting one of your own you want to be by them. I know friends can come and go but I truly believe I will be friends with her forever so it doesn't make me too sad just sad to know she's no longer in the same state. 

Well summer is pretty much over and I'm almost ready for it to be because I love fall! But the reason I'm not quite ready is because I haven't really taken a vacation lol I mean to me that's what summer is all about. Not to worry though Lance and I are about to go to South Carolina to visit grampy and then we will head to North Carolina for one of our best friend's wedding. It's gonna be a good week and its pretty much our vacation. I'm looking forward to it and hopefully being able to finish my book (since that was one of my summer goals) 
So until then, enjoy whatever is left of summer!

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