Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet Savings Saturdays

I'm so excited for this post because I was inspired by my friend Becky to pull out the creative side in me and so  I have decided to link with her and share in the inspirations. 
Well this week was my first attempt and I was a little busy packing and moving but of course us girls can not turn our eyes when we spot something that can turn into a treasure. My treasure was a wreath I found for $2 at a local thrift store I don't think it would have normally caught my attention but Kindness Inspires posted a crafty idea in holiday wreaths and it stuck with me.

I hope to get some ornaments or some sort of decor to make it into a Christmas wreath (my First Christmas wreath)

My next find was more personal lol I found a Banana Republic sweater for $3 now I'm not one to shout brand names but when I get it for a good deal I can't help but boast!

This was exciting for me because the weather is changing and a good sweater is always a comfort in the closet.

That's all I have for this week I'm excited to be inspired and share in the creative ideas of others feel free to join us!

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  1. yay! i'm so glad that you linked up friend! I love that sweater and I'm even more excited to see what you do with that wreath ;).
    sweet deals this week Liv!

    Love bex


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