Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthdays & Busyness

This past month was fun, crazy, and exciting! We celebrated 2 birthdays, Lance's birthday was Sep 15th and mine was Sep 25. We are only 10 days a part and we both turned 26! For Lance's birthday I took him to Benihanas since he has never been there.

 And for mine well we went to Stephan Pyles I have never been there but they are known for their desserts I guess the chef was on Top Chef. It was quite an interesting evening but one I will never forget! I also got to go shopping and Lance got me an Espresso Machine!

In the midst of the birthdays the Masters Commission students arrived  and we had a full week of orientation which included prayer, team building, a breakfast, a letter to God, and so much more! Our theme for Masters this years is "A Year of Never Befores" Giving our students opportunities to do things they have never done before and taking them on an adventure!

I'm truly excited for this packed year, it's gonna be great I'm living one of my dreams and I don't want to take it for granted! I can't wait to share what God's gonna do! Stay tuned....

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