Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sweet Savings Saturdays

I'm back again this week linking up with Becky over at to share the fabulous finds we got for great deals. It's been fun for me because I just moved and am still in the process of decorating our home which quite honestly I think for most of us is a never ending process lol. But anyways here's what I found:

 Candlestick- $3
So I was really excited when I found this because I had 2 other candlesticks that I loved but my cat broke them so in honor of those I got this one!

My next purchase I found was an old lantern, now I don't want you to think my apt is themed in light fixtures but lanterns are something I began having an interest in a couple years ago. I saw this one and it was discounted cuz there's a piece of glass missing but you can't tell and it just makes it look that much older.


This is Addy she also like this lantern!

The bicycle on the right is another lantern I got from someone but the actual lamp broke :(

The last thing I found was a jar and I have been wanting something to put my cottonballs in which sounds strange but when I have my mind set on how I want something to look I hold out til that "look" is complete.

Jar- $1.49

I'm still looking for something to put my cutips in if you have any ideas please help!

So for 3 small textiles I only paid $6.48 this was a great week for me. If you want to share in this excitement come join us weekly to inspire and get inspired!


  1. LOVE you're candlestick & jar & lantern! I love it all you scored big this week Liv, i just love having the cotton goods displayed in glass jars and the cork top is an touch i love its texture. ;-) some sweet deals found by you friend!
    Luv bex

  2. Good deals Liv! Love the lantern!! :) Where did you find them? I like the naturalness (don't know if thats a word, lol) of the cotton tray & everything.

    I so miss you my friend & wish I was there to do this bargain shopping with ya & see your new apartment.

    I love you friend!!!

  3. Kara I just now saw your comment lol I miss you next time you come down we will go bargain shopping!


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