Saturday, December 11, 2010

O' Christmas Tree

These last 2 weeks I have been getting ready for Christmas, got most of all my shopping done, got the tree decorated, and even made a couple of my own decorations! I'm one of those people that like to enjoy the holidays and my vacations and so I usually try to get things done early so I can relax and not stress. Of course I'm not perfect and so the stress part usually falls upon me once or twice especially when it comes to buying presents but it only lasts a short minute and then I have to remember the real reason of Christmas and not get carried away. I think it happens to a lot of us I'm not trying to codemn anyone (mostly speaking to myself (: JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON sometimes that sounds cheesy but its true! Well just wanted to share some pics of what I have been up to

These centerpieces were so easy and cheap:
Floating Candles: I had leftover from our wedding
Vases: $1.00 from Dollar Tree & thrift
Cranberries: $2.28 from Walmart
Pine Branches: Free if you have a tree (: 
or go to the lot or u can buy them in a bundle at grocery stores

Well we decided to go with red & gold for our tree and we couldn't find
our star so we used these branches, I still don't know where our star is!

My tree pic came out blurry :(

I bought this wreath a month or 2 ago for $2 and got these ornaments
and the dollar store: Total cost of wreath $6

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  1. Liv it's gorgeous!!! You are so crafty! I wish I was there so we could do crafty decorating things together! :( I miss you!!


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