Friday, December 24, 2010

Rose infinti T-shirt Scarf

I love traditions especially Christmas ones! Growing up we had a few traditions I know I will carry on  when Lance and I have kids. One tradition we had is every year we drew names and bought that person an ornament in my family, all the way up until us kids got married, when I got married my dad boxed up my ornaments and gave them to me to put on my tree!

 Which brings me to this post about my scarf! On my husband's side of the family they have a tradition with the whole family (cousins, aunts, grandparents, and whoever else comes!) it's a sort of gift exchange, except these are the terms: the gift has to be home made or an act of service.
For example one year someone's act of service was to put Christmas lights up the following year, another persons gift was to offer manual labor on any household project. Some home made gifts were chocolate cake balls, someone wrote a book, and someone made an audio cd of a book.
Well since Lance and I don't live close to the family it's hard for us to do an act of service as our gift so we usually make something. I saw this idea from one of the girls in our church with this t-shirt scarf, and took it and made my own version of it. It was so easy!

I took one of Lance's t-shirts(he has so many he never wears!) Cut it across the width over the stomach, you can do it however thick you want it so it's best to use a plain t-shirt so no designs are on it. Then I cut the trim of the sleeves and started twisting it and as I shaped it into a rose, petal by petal I would hand sow it. Then just sow the rose wherever you want it!

You can probably do any flower or design  even buttons, and since these are in right now it's perfect, you don't even have to go to a store just look in your closet (or your husbands)

Since I'm on a 2 week break I love trying new projects out especially ones that don't require me to go to the store!


  1. I loved your scarf! You are so creative!!!! Most everyone was lazy this year!

  2. lol thanks connie but I think me and lance are gonna do the gift cards next year


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