Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Latelies

Hey guys its Thursday Latelies, we are linking up with Bex from bexastylediary, to share the things that have been bringing us joy! So jump in!!!

$6.29? I think at Target

Summer Flip Flop Exchange!

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!!!


  1. Ok, I've been wanting to try those "spin pins" and haven't found them and they look difficult to use. Ok, after seeing you use them I am going to Target right now to find them, thats so easy to use, thank you for demonstrating friend!

    That flip flop exchange sounds like fun!
    Make sure and rest this week dear friend!

  2. I got some of those spin pins! Interesting little doo dads they are! I'm excited to really try and use them! I have found they better with hair that has either volume, waves, or curls...but this is just trying out a couple of times! Enjoy! :D

    Becky, if you didn't find them at Target, I found mine at walmart :)

  3. Thanks Bex!!! Have fun in Phoenix!!! Emily yes I find if i don't straighten my hair and let it dry natural and wavy it holds better!


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