Thursday, June 9, 2011

My First Thursday Latelies

Hey Guys, today I'm linking up with bex, bexastylediary for her "Thursday Latelies" where she
has encouraged women to share things that have been bringing them JOY through out the week. I love it i think it's a great idea and have been watching them and I love getting inspired to try new things and also joy is contagious so its fun hearing other people talk about it!

Sorry if its a little shaky, and I was distracted at times cuz there were some random things happening outside lol

Projects bring me JOY

Here is the link where I got the idea for this Pallet Bed (not sure what language it's in lol)
So easy and so fun! Have a wonderful weekend and maybe start a new project its always gratifying when your done!


  1. Adorable. I have that pallet bed on my pinterest too!! Did you see the headboard with the yellow "love" on it? I am digging it! We just had our first stay cation too!! it was fun!!! I am totally a quality time person as well. Olivia you are so special!!! Can't wait to see your next thursday latelies. :o)

  2. Hey Liv so glad that you linked up this week! You're so creative your voice needs to be heard ;). I TOO have the pallet headboard on my pintrest! I plan to make it for our guest bed room. I have sooo many ideas with wood pallets. Addy is adorable! Ben and I and the cats have coffee dates on our day bed out on our back patio too its great quality time.

  3. Thank you Bex! Yes the pallets are so fun!! Thursday Latelies is such a neat idea that you came up with!!!


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