Friday, April 30, 2010

Bread Pudding Gone Bad

So this week I was very anxious! I found this recipe for bread pudding that looked so delicious that I was determined to make it. Now when I try a new recipe that’s not mine or anyone’s I know I do some deep researching about it. I mean I make sure I know what all the ingredients are where to get them and if there are reviews and comments I read them. The reviews and comments for this recipe were outstanding not one negative comment, there were a few suggestions in altering the recipe but nothing major, so I thought this should be wonderful, piece of cake! The only problem I really had in collecting the ingredients was with the alcohol; yes the recipe did call for a little liquor. My husband and I do not drink so of course we didn’t have any liquor on hand so I had to buy some. Not knowing much about liquor and Texas apparently there are some laws in selling liquor in the area I live. So I had some trouble finding it went to about 4 places and finally found it, “Amaretto Liquor”, I’m thinking ok all this trouble for some liquor and I don’t even drink this better be good!
Now mind you I have had the ingredients for this recipe over a week just trying to find the right time to make it, so I have been working myself up and getting super excited! Any time you work yourself up for this hope of accomplishment and success you’re bound for a big letdown if it doesn’t turn out the way you want.
As I was making it I decided to follow one of the suggestions in the reviews that called for fewer eggs so I put 2 less eggs than it said I thought that should be fine. The preparation was going great and it was pretty easy. All the ingredients looked great; the sauce was a good consistency not too thin or too thick just right. The Bread Pudding was in the oven baking for 45 minutes, I already began feeling accomplished. Now, I think most of us like to check on our work especially if we are using the oven to make sure everything is looking okay so with about 10 minutes left I peek in and to my surprise the bread pudding was puffing up so much I did not expect but I thought maybe it does that and then releases air and goes back down….no it didn’t it just kept rising. The color looked good a little golden brown with some darker edges but something didn’t quite look right. The time was up I pulled it out and dished some in a bowl, as I was dishing it the pudding looked a little funny but I kept going I poured the sauce on top and it was ready to be eaten. I took the first bite and….. it was awful, it was eggy and just not good. I mean it wasn’t completely inedible but I definitely didn’t like it!
Letdown……. I was so bummed, really discouraged just couldn’t figure out what went wrong, I put less eggs, maybe it needed more bread I don’t know! So with all that excitement and anxiousness it’s amazing how fast it can turn the opposite direction, I was pretty quick to dump it in the trash. My husband was really sweet and said it tasted great but then why didn’t he finish the whole bowl? Yep my thoughts exactly! Anyways it’s all good, I’m ok now I’m sure I’m not the only one who has tried something new and have it not turn out I just hate feeling disappointed. So all that to say I’m pretty sure I won’t try that recipe again and will probably stay away from making bread pudding until I get the courage to jump back up on the horse!

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